Why is Ilkley Lido still closed?

The Lido has been closed since last year for refurbishment work on the pool tank. Due to the age and condition of the Lido the refurbishment is proving to be more expensive than anticipated.

Is Ilkley Lido free?

Ilkley Lido is now open. Please see the opening times and prices below. Our full 2022 Summer timetable will come into effect from Saturday, 28 May up to Sunday, 4 September. Summer prices are applied throughout this period….Peak time prices.

Activity Price
Under 3s Free

Will Ilkley Lido Open this year?

Spring is well and truly underway and Ilkley Lido is set to reopen this weekend, Bradford Council has confirmed. The lido is set to welcome the public back from tomorrow (Saturday, April 23) with a full summer timetable set to come into effect on May Spring Bank holiday.

How big is Ilkley Lido?

Take the plunge at one of the country’s few remaining outdoor pools. Soak up a seaside atmosphere, enjoy a picnic in the tranquil setting and take in the fantastic views over Ilkley Moor. Facilities: 25mx11m indoor pool with spectator accommodation.

Is Ilkley Lido heated?

Ilkley Pool & Lido, West Yorkshire The main pool is freshwater and unheated and there is a large lawned sunbathing and picnic area. When the weather does turn there is an indoor heated pool here too, which will hopefully reopen on July 25, when indoor pools in England are allowed to welcome swimmers again.

When did Otley Lido close?

The West Yorkshire lido closed in 1993 and became a leisure venue for several years before gradually declining and closing to the public.

Can I wear a wetsuit at the Lido?

Most lidos are open all year round, so some swimmers opt to wear a wetsuit when swimming in their local lido in winter months, however often this is purely down to personal preference.

How old is Ilkley Lido?

HISTORY Building work commenced on Ilkley lido in 1934, and it was officially opened in May 1935 as part of the Silver Jubilee celebrations of King George V.

What’s the difference between a lido and a swimming pool?

The key difference between lidos and outdoor pools is that a lido tends to be near a body of water, e.g. a beach or sea.

What is a lido swimming pool?

A lido is an outdoor swimming pool near a beach or even in a city where people can swim and relax. Facilities vary but lidos generally offer basic changing rooms and showers. The colourful row of changing rooms surrounding Victorian lidos is an iconic image.

What should I wear to lido swimming?

Wear neoprene booties and gloves As the temperature starts to drop, it will be your extremities that notice and suffer from this first. Keep them toasty with gloves and boots and this will keep your winter lido swims much more pleasant.