Who selects the committee chair BSA?

The Chartered Organization Representative
The Chartered Organization Representative appoints the unit committee chair. The unit committee chair is appointed by the chartered organization and registered as an adult leader of the BSA. The unit committee chairman appoints and supervises the unit committee and unit leaders.

Do BSA committee members wear uniforms?

Yes, you should wear a uniform. As a committee member you are a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America, and therefore you can wear the Scout uniform as an adult leader.

What are leadership positions in BSA?

According to Scouts BSA, the 17 positions a scout can serve in throughout their Scouting career are:

  • Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL)
  • Patrol Leader (PL)
  • Assistant Patrol Leader (APL)
  • Troop Guide.
  • Quartermaster.
  • Scribe.
  • Den Chief.

What is a committee member in BSA?

The troop committee is a cross between a board of directors and a parent support group. It sets troop policies and handles administrative functions, allowing the Scoutmaster and assistant Scoutmasters to focus on working directly with the Scouts.

Can COR be a committee member?

Adults in your organization and every person who has a child in the unit all can be prospective unit committee members. It’s important for the unit to be led by the best possible adult leaders.

Can Boy scouts wear jeans?

The troop’s number, 501, is no coincidence. Named for the famous Levi’s jeans, Troop 501 allows its Scouts to wear any kind of pants or shorts they want with their uniform shirt. Yes, even denim.

Can Boy scouts wear khaki pants?

Again, the POLICY is “NO MIXING AND MATCHING of current and older uniform shirts and pants. Old pants cannot be worn with the current khaki-tan uniform shirts; the older shirts cannot be worn with the current olive pants or shorts. We all do it…but it’s not correct.

What does the troop committee do?

The troop committee obtains, maintains, and properly cares for troop property. It ensures the troop has an outdoor program with a minimum of 10 days and nights of camping per year. Members of the troop committee serve on boards of review and plan and conduct courts of honor.

Can the committee chair be a den leader?

A den leader may not simultaneously serve as the Cubmaster. A crew advisor or Varsity coach may not additionally serve as the committee chair, within the same unit. The reasons behind this policy are pretty simple but intentional in their design.

Can an assistant Scoutmaster sit on a board of review?

The Scoutmaster and assistant Scoutmasters are not members of the board of review. The Scoutmaster can introduce the Scout to the board members and may sit with him to hear the board’s decision, but should not be present during the actual board of review.

Where do Eagle palms go on uniform?

Eagle Scout palms may be worn in one of three locations: On the Eagle Scout square knot, which is worn by adult Scouters. Attached to the ribbon of the Eagle Scout medal, which is worn on special occasions by youth and adults. On the Eagle Scout rank emblem (patch), which is sewn on the youth field uniform.