How does Teradata Mload work?

MultiLoad can load multiple tables at a time and it can also perform different types of tasks such as INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE and UPSERT. It can load up to 5 tables at a time and perform up to 20 DML operations in a script. The target table is not required for MultiLoad.

Why FastLoad does not allow duplicates?

FastLoad discards duplicate rows, because it doesn’t have/store any information about the input record sequence like MultiLoad’s Match Tag (ApplySeq + DMLSeq + ImportSeq + SMTSeq + SourceSeq), thus it simply doesn’t know, if a row was duplicate within the data or was sent twice because of a restarted FastLoad (in …

What is TPump utility in Teradata?

TPump stands for Teradata Parallel Data Pump. Teradata TPump does not move data in large blocks like Fastload or Multiload. Instead, it loads one row at a time, using row hash locks. Using row hash locks allows TPump to do many concurrent INSERTs and UPDATEs on a table.

What is Hashrow function in Teradata?

HASHROW function in teradata identifies hash value of the input data. Hashrow function generates the same hash if the input value is same, hash value helps in distributing the data over buckets and amps. Example. SELECT. HASHROW (‘Teradata’) AS “Hash Value”

What are the utilities in Teradata?

Transferring of large amount of data can be done by using the various Teradata Utilities i.e. BTEQ, FASTLOAD, MULTILOAD, TPUMP and FASTEXPORT. BTEQ (Basic Teradata Query) supports all 4 DMLs: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE.

What is TPT Teradata?

Teradata Parallel Transporter aka TPT is new generation utility tool aim to create one stop tool for all the activities related to loading and exporting of date from/to Teradata database. Teradata advise to prefer TPT over existing utilities such as fastload, fastexport, multiload & tpump.

Does MultiLoad allow duplicates?

If yes how does it handle loading the duplicate rows after a failure(While restarting the same MLoad job again)? Yes, MLOAD supports the insertion of deuplicate records and this is the main difference between the FASTLOAD and MULTILOAD.