Is Woodward a good camp?

From a mom point of view – I would highly recommend Woodward if your child is into any of the programs they have to offer. I thought the facility was in great shape, well run and the staff and counselors were helpful and friendly. The vibe at Woodward was really impressive to me.

Can you go to Woodward as a beginner?

Open to all ages, our Weekend Getaways are the perfect way for anyone and everyone to come check out what Woodward PA has to offer.

How much does it cost to get into Woodward camp?

Camp Woodward rates have jumped up to about $1,300 a week (without airfare and travel expenses). It certainly is a question of how much are you willing to spend for your child to skateboard?

Do you need knee pads for Woodward?

Helmet is mandatory. Knee and elbow pads are recommended. (Wheeled equipment is provided). Please note: Skateboard, BMX bike, inline skates and/or scooter with safety gear can be brought to use in your free time.

Who owns Camp Woodward?

Gary Ream
Gary Ream is the Founder and President of Camp Woodward.

Who is on Woodward season 11?

Camp Woodward – Sn 11, Ep 1 Meet Nobi Villalobos, Mia Lovell, and Kristion Jordan and learn how they got into skating and how they got invited to be on the show.

How many skateparks are at Woodward PA?

24 skateparks
Facilities. Woodward is home to 24 skateparks.

Can you go to Woodward Skatepark for a day?

The Woodward 10-Pack 10 Go Time Sessions just for you — inside access for 2-hours.

How long do you stay at Camp Woodward?

THE BASICS With 5 days of continuous camp fun, and no overnights to worry about , each day campers get the chance to try an activity outside of their core sport with afternoon open sessions — your skater may just end up digging mountain biking by the end of camp, too.

What is the age limit for camp Woodward?

How old do you have to be to attend Woodward Residential Camp? The majority of our campers are between the ages of 7 and 17. We offer Adult Camp for anyone 18+ during select weeks of the summer. Ski & Snowboard camp weeks 1-3 are open to adults in 2019.

What should I bring to Woodward Gymnastics camp?

“The Camp Store sells necessities such as toiletries, stamps, batteries, and postcards. The store also has snacks, such as pizza, soda, ice cream, pretzels, chips, and candy. Campers may also purchase Woodward apparel including leotards, shorts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc.