Why are my emails going to outbox and not sending on Iphone?

Why this happens depends, but typically it is because an email message is trying to be sent when an internet connection is either inactive, or inadequate. Sometimes that is the cellular connection itself perhaps in a low service area, or sometimes it is the remote mail server that is not responding.

Why is my email on my iPad not sending?

Touch the Account that is having trouble sending mail. Touch the tab that says SMTP under Outgoing Mail Server. Make sure that the primary mail server associated with the email account in question is turned On. If it is turned Off, touch the tab that says Off and turn the switch to On.

Why are my emails not sending and going to outbox?

Your emails might get stuck in your outbox without reaching their destination due to overly large attachments. So check to see if the attachments are not too large. Incorrect sending and receiving settings might hinder the flow of mails in and out of your outlook account. Be sure your send/receive settings are correct.

Why are my emails stuck in outbox?

An email can also get stuck in the Outbox if it has a very large attachment. Your email provider may block emails with attachments larger than a size they specify. For general email performance, it is not recommended that you send an attachment larger than a few megabytes.

How do I get messages out of my outbox?

The easiest and quickest way to try to unlock the message from your Outbox is to open the message in the Outbox with a double click and close it again. Now select the message and press DELETE or move it to your Drafts folder if you want to resent it.

How do I send unsent messages from my outbox?

Navigate to Preferences or Options > Composition > Advanced then turn OFF “Send in background.” If a message is already stuck in the Outbox, navigate to your On My Mac or Local Folders account > Outbox and delete any messages that are not needed.

How do I send an email that’s in my outbox?

To send the email, double-click it, and hit the ‘Send’ button. Secondly, an email can get stuck in the Outlook outbox if, it has a very large attachment added. Outlook allows 20MB. Under such circumstances, the email provider may block the email with an attachment larger than the size they specify.