Who voices Carnage in Ultimate Spiderman?

Dee Bradley Baker

Carnage (Second Version)
Production details
First appearance The Symbiote Saga: Part 1
Last appearance The Symbiote Saga: Part 3
Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker (The Symbiote Saga: Part 1) Fred Tatasciore (The Symbiote Saga: Part 2 and The Symbiote Saga: Part 3) Tara Strong (as Carnage Queen)

Who voices Carnage?

Woody HarrelsonVenom
Jesse WilsonVenom
Cletus Kasady/Played by

Did Woody Harrelson do the voice of Carnage?

Part of Harrelson’s role includes providing the monstrous voice of Carnage, which you would think would be a lot of fun.

Does Carnage have a high pitched voice?

Carnage from Activision’s Spider-Man has a high pitched raspy voice. Recurring villain Kamek is almost always given a high-pitched voice. In the Yoshi’s Island games, he makes funny-sounding high-pitched noises, but in the later Mario games, he does more of a shrill screech.

How is carnage created in Ultimate Spider-Man?

In Ultimate Spider-Man: The Video Game, Carnage is created when Adrian Toomes injects Spider-Man with a serum to force the cells of the Venom Suit in his body to multiply. The Venom cells rapidly overtake Spider-Man, transforming him into Carnage.

Does Tom Hardy voice Carnage?

The simple and straightforward answer to that question is that Hardy plays both Eddie Brock and Venom, recording all the voice work for the alien symbiote.

How does Tom Hardy Do Venom voice?

But the actor noted that Wu-Tang’s Method Man is one of the people who influenced Venom’s gravelly voice. “So, I mix a little bit of Busta Rhymes, a little bit of Method and Redman, a little bit of James Brown, and ever so slightly, an element of Richard Burton,” Hardy revealed.

Why does carnage have a deep voice?

The overt changes in Venom’s voice are created by vocal layering, with Let There Be Carnage’s scene sound technicians laying down a garbled vocal over Hardy’s lines before refining the sound in post-production.

Did MJ become Carnage?

Willingly succumbing to Knull’s will, MJ was dubbed Carnage in honor of the late Cletus Kasady, and was commanded to kill Gwen and take her artificial symbiote for the dark god to study.