Who toured with Phish?

The band teamed up with friends Widespread Panic, Blues Traveler, and Aquarium Rescue Unit for various concerts in an effort to spread their music to new audiences, and toured non-stop for the first six months of the year.

What was the biggest Phish concert?

In a 2000 cover story for Entertainment Weekly, three of the four Phish members declared Big Cypress to be the greatest Phish concert ever. It was also voted as the most popular Phish show ever by fans in the final volume of The Pharmer’s Almanac.

When did Phish start touring?

Phish began headlining major amphitheaters in the summer of 1993.

How many times has Phish played Madison Square Garden?

The Garden has become a home away from home for this band, having played there 65 times counting this show, which is more than any other venue.

Does Phish have an opening act?

Who is Opening for Phish? Phish has been known to traditionally not have any openers for their concerts, so you should expect to hear nothing but the main act play throughout this tour, and be sure to show up on time so you won’t miss any of the Phish concert!

Who has been to the most Phish concerts?

Kenny Dennis of Locust Valley has seen Phish 51 times since he first saw them at Nassau Coliseum in 1998.

What was the best Phish festival?

The Nine Best Phish Festival Moments

  • The Clifford Ball – Aug. 16-17, 1996.
  • The Great Went – Aug. 16-17, 1997.
  • Lemonwheel – Aug. 15-16, 1998.
  • Camp Oswego – July 17-18, 1999.
  • Big Cypress – Dec. 30-31, 1999.
  • It Festival – Aug. 2-3, 2003.
  • Coventry – Aug. 13-15, 2004.
  • Festival 8 – Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 2009.

Is Phish overrated?

Phish has a legion of devoted fans that unite together much like The Grateful Dead. There are many reasons why they are overrated, but the most important is that Phish just makes mediocre music.

When did Phish first play Madison Square Garden?

Phish’s debut performance at Madison Square Garden in NYC was on New Year’s Eve in 1994. Since then, the Jam band has performed at the “World’s Most Famous Arena” 64 times. New Year’s Eve 1995 is considered one of their greatest MSG shows.

When did Phish first sell out MSG?

December 30, 1994
Phish came roaring out of the gate at MSG on December 30, 1994 with “Wilson.” Guitarist Trey Anastasio looked pumped to hear the “Wilson Chant,” cascading down on him from an MSG crowd (the chant was begun earlier that year in New York City at the Beacon Theatre).

What do you wear to a Phish concert?

My number one rule is to be comfortable so I typically opt for shorts a tank and comfortable shoes. I also rock my “show shoes” sweet tennis shoes I made on NikeID. If you’re going to be dancing (and you will) wear your most comfortable shoes preferably something with a back strap.

What time does Phish take the stage?

Show Time: 7:30 pm.