Does Ecuador have an American embassy?

The United States Embassy in Ecuador is opening the call for the “2022 Virtual National Youth Science Camp (NYSCamp)” Applications are now being accepted from…

Can I travel to Ecuador during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Upon entry to Ecuador, all travelers 3 years and older must provide: A COVID-19 vaccination card with QR code or a COVID-19 vaccination certificate showing the traveler received a complete series of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to entering Ecuador, or.

Can Ecuador citizens travel to USA?

To travel to the US, your passport must be from the country you reside in. However, you will also need a US B1B2 Visa for Ecuador Citizens. To be allowed to enter the US, both the documents and the US B1B2 Visa for Ecuador Citizens are required.

Is Ecuador a U.S. ally?

Ecuador and the United States maintained close ties based on mutual interests in maintaining democratic institutions; combating cannabis and cocaine; building trade, investment, and financial ties; cooperating in fostering Ecuador’s economic development; and participating in inter-American organizations.

Why does Ecuador use the U.S. dollar?

It went to full dollarization in 2000 after a financial crisis that saw its own former currency, the sucre, collapse so badly that people started putting their holdings into dollars, unofficially dollarizing the country’s economy. The government simply went ahead and made the switch official.

Does Ecuador need visa for USA?

Entry, Exit and Visa Requirements If you are traveling for business or tourism, you do not need a visa for stays of up to 90 days in any 12-month period. You can request an extension through provincial migration offices.

What countries can Ecuadorians travel to without a visa?

Ecuador is an associated member of Mercosur. As such, its citizens enjoy unlimited access to any of the full members (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) and other associated members (Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Peru) with the right to residence and work, with no requirement other than nationality.

Can you have dual citizenship in the US and Ecuador?

If a traveler enters Ecuador as a dual national then he/she must also depart as a dual national by presenting both passports. Dual citizens (Ecuadorian/U.S.) should also understand that as citizens of Ecuador, their U.S. citizenship is considered secondary to their Ecuadorian citizenship while they are in Ecuador.