How long did Miniatur Wunderland take to build?

History of Wunderland. It took only five months from the initial idea in July 2000 until the construction of the first section started. Just eight months later, in August of 2001, the Miniatur Wunderland opened with its first three theme worlds.

What gauge is Miniatur Wunderland?

Gauge H0
The nominal size H0 (in English also HO) is the most common building size in model railway. It has a scale of 1:87, so the normal gauge a role model of 1435 millimeters leads to a gauge of 16, 5 millimeters in H0….Gauge in H0.

Model Gauge H0
Original Width 1435 mm
Possible use with 1250 – 1700 mm

How long is Miniatur Wunderland?

On average, you need 3 hours to see the whole layout once, but of course, it depends: If you are the speedy type, you could make it in 5 minutes. Other visitors declare that a whole day is not enough to discover everything. If you want to take part in a guided tour, you should plan for an extra hour.

Where is the largest model railroad in the world?

Miniatur Wunderland is the largest model railway system in the world and has, in fact, been voted the most popular tourist attraction in Germany. Visitors can admire different countries and even an airport in miniature size.

Where is the largest model railroad located?

Hamburg, Germany
In Hamburg, Germany, housed in a nondescript brick building, you’ll find the Miniatur Wunderland – the largest HO scale model railroad in the world.

Where is the biggest model railway in the world?

What is the most popular model train set?

The HO Model Train Scale Arguably the most popular model train scale, the HO scale is widely known worldwide. It has a decent size that can usually be characterized as medium and a scale ratio of 1:87. As mentioned previously, this denotes that it is 87 times smaller than its real-life twin.

What is the longest train set?

Located in Hamburg, Germany, the Largest model train set has a huge total length of 15,400 m (50,525 ft). To put that into perspective, the length of the train set is enough to get you to the top of Mount Everest – and 6,000 m back down the other side!

Who made Miniatur Wunderland?

brothers Frederik and Gerrit Braun
How it started. In the year 2000, the brothers Frederik and Gerrit Braun set out to build the largest model railway system in the world. After applying for a loan, they began construction in December 2000. In August 2001 they could already operate three completed, miniature sections.