Who plays Wyatt on Raising Hope?

Ryan Doom
Wyatt Gill is the ex-boyfriend of Sabrina Collins-Chance and a minor character in Raising Hope. He is portrayed by Ryan Doom. Wyatt and Sabrina were dating when Sabrina met Jimmy Chance.

Who played Frank on Raising Hope?

Todd Giebenhain
Frank (Todd Giebenhain) is a creepy and incompetent co-worker at the store where Jimmy and Sabrina work. However, in the Season 1 finale, it was shown that he used to be a skilled bagger before accidentally hitting Shelly in the face with a can of fruit.

Who plays Trevor on Raising Hope?

Camden Garcia
Trevor is the son of Barney’s ex-wife, Judy, and her husband and a recurring character in Raising Hope. He is portrayed by Camden Garcia.

Who played Delilah on Raising Hope?

Delilah Thompson is the cousin of Virginia Chance and granddaughter of Barbara June Thompson and Wilfred Thompson and a minor character in Raising Hope. She is portrayed by Amy Sedaris.

Does Sabrina get pregnant in Raising Hope?

Jimmy and Sabrina decide to have a baby, but they are interrupted from having sex during the period when Sabrina was ovulating, and, because they believe having a baby born in November is best, they decide to put it off for a whole year.

Why did they cancel Raising Hope?

Raising Hope Cancelled: Martha Plimpton on the Lack of Network Support.

How old is Giebenhain?

47 years (November 27, 1974)Todd Giebenhain / Age

Why was Raising Hope Cancelled?

Did Jimmy and Sabrina get married?

On Valentine’s Day (Jimmy’s Fake Girlfriend), Jimmy confesses his feelings to Sabrina. After a brief silent moment, she kisses him and they become a couple. Later on third season (Modern Wedding) Sabrina and Jimmy get married.

Does Lucy get custody of hope?

Lucy is given the electric chair six months after giving birth, and Jimmy receives custody of their daughter who is temporarily named Princess Beyonce.

What is Lucas Neff doing now?

Most recently, he starred in the CBS sitcom Carol’s Second Act.

Does Jimmy and Sabrina have a baby?