Who plays at WIN Stadium?

St. George Illawarra Dragons
Sydney FC
WIN Stadium/Teams

What replaced the Sydney Entertainment Centre?

The Darling Square residential development
Closure. As part of a redevelopment of the Darling Harbour precinct, the Sydney Entertainment Centre was demolished in early 2016. The Darling Square residential development replaced the centre.

What is the capacity of WIN Stadium?

22,000WIN Stadium / Capacity

Who owns WIN Stadium?

Wollongong Sportsground Trust, Pty Ltd.
Wollongong Entertainment Centre

Owner Wollongong Sportsground Trust, Pty Ltd.
Capacity Basketball: 6,000 Concerts: 5,000 Reduced mode: 1,000-3,000
Record attendance 5,839 – 18 February 2005, Wollongong Hawks vs Sydney Kings NBL
Surface Customisable

Who plays at Central Coast Stadium?

Central Coast Mariners FC
Sydney RoostersNew South Wales Country Eagles
Central Coast Stadium/Teams

When was the Sydney Entertainment Centre demolished?

The Sydney Entertainment Centre (later known as the Qantas Credit Union Arena) was a multi-purpose indoor arena located in the heart of Sydney. The venue hosted its final sporting event in December 2015 and was demolished in 2016.

Who invented the entertainment center?

Frank Lloyd Wright
Perhaps the first example of a built-in entertainment center was created by Frank Lloyd Wright at his 1917 Hollyhock House in Los Angeles, California.

How old is WIN Stadium?

111WIN Stadium / Age (c. 1911)

Who sponsors WIN Stadium?

Wollongong Entertainment Centre (also known by its naming rights sponsor WIN Entertainment Centre and colloquially as the WEC) is a multi-purpose indoor arena, located in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia….Wollongong Entertainment Centre.

Architect NSW Government Architect
Illawarra Hawks (NBL) (1998–present)

Who owns Central Coast Stadium?

Central Coast Council
Central Coast Stadium

Owner Central Coast Council
Operator Central Coast Council
Capacity 20,059
Record attendance 20,060 – Sydney Roosters vs Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks, 1 July 2017

When was the Sydney Entertainment Centre built?

May 1, 1983Sydney Entertainment Centre / Opened

Who did the Hawks beat in the Eastern Conference Semifinals?

In the Eastern Conference first round, the Hawks defeated the Brooklyn Nets in six games. The Hawks then advanced to the Eastern Conference Semifinals to face the Washington Wizards, also defeating them in six games. It was the first time they had advanced past the second round since 1967, their next-to-last year in St. Louis.

Why are the Atlanta Hawks the only NBA team in Atlanta?

The Hawks were the only NBA team in the Deep South, just as the Atlanta Braves were the only Major League Baseball team in the region for many years to come. Turner’s ownership was instrumental in keeping both teams in the region.

When did the Atlanta Hawks move to Philips Arena?

Following the 1997 playoffs, the Hawks moved back to Georgia Tech’s Alexander Memorial Coliseum, with the Georgia Dome used for larger-capacity games, until Philips Arena opened before the 1999–2000 season.

Who did the Hawks lose to in the playoffs in 1997?

The Hawks defeated the Detroit Pistons in five games in the first round of the 1997 NBA playoffs, but lost in five games in the second round to the defending champs Chicago Bulls. Game 4, an 89–80 loss, would be the last game at The Omni.