Who played Ray in Mystic River?

Spencer Treat Clark
Cast. Spencer Treat Clark as Ray “Silent Ray” Harris Jr.

What happened to Dave as a kid in Mystic River?

In 1975, when he was playing hockey with his friends Jimmy and Sean, Dave was tricked and kidnapped by two child molesters. They held him in captivity in the woods and raped him for four days. Dave escaped, but he never truly returned to society.

What happened to Jimmy’s first wife in Mystic River?

Jimmy still lives in the Flats. He has served time in prison, during which his first wife, Marita, died of skin cancer, leaving him a single father. He later remarries and has two more daughters.

Why did Sean’s wife leave him in Mystic River?

From what I recall, she was pregnant from Sean, but for some reason that I don’t recall, she left him for another man with whom she didn’t cheat on Sean. Sean asked for a paternity test. It seems to me that these call are her way to give Sean a chance to make amends.

Was Dave a child molestor in Mystic River?

Show activity on this post. Dave was the same child molester he talked about. After he was abducted by those guys in the opening scene, he changed into a complete person. He attacked himself that night when Katie was murdered by those kids.

Who are the Savage brothers in Mystic River?

As fate (or Fate) would have it, the investigating detective is Sean: He and his partner, Whitey (Laurence Fishburne in a triumphant piece of colorblind casting), have to keep the volatile Jimmy and a pair of local hoods known as the Savage brothers (Kevin Chapman and Adam Nelson) from finding the killer before the …

Who killed Katy in Mystic River?

Jimmy and his guys abducted Dave and took him out to the marsh to force a confession. Dave, though, said he killed a sexual predator that night who was engaging in activities with a minor, ergo his wounds. However, he later admitted he killed Katie after Jimmy said he’d let him go free to face the law.

Who killed Jimmys daughter in Mystic River?

Katie is murdered by Brendan’s brother, and when Brendan finds out about it and his brother is charged, it is a kind of death for Brendan, too. “Say you love me!” Brendan screams at his mute brother, beating him and his friend John for killing Katie.

Why did Dave Boyle admit to killing Katie?

Dave was fighting himself a war as a child molester. He fake admitted that he was the one who killed Katie so that he could escape his current life.

Who are the three kids at the beginning of Mystic River?

In the prologue to Mystic River, set in 1975, three boys, Jimmy, Sean, and Dave are writing their names in wet cement when two men claiming to be policemen approach.

Is there a Mystic River 2?

Before a book signing in Toronto, Lehane chatted about Since We Fell’s twisted love story, adapting Stephen King and why there will never be a sequel to Mystic River. There’s a criminal element to Since We Fell, but it’s really the story of a marriage – which is something new for you.

Why is his name Whitey Powers?

Race Lift: Sgt. Powers, played by Laurence Fishburne in the movie, was white in the book. For extra irony, the character’s name is Whitey Powers, which Dennis Lehane admits was an Incredibly Lame Pun that became even funnier when Fishburne was cast.