How deep is the deepest part of Kerr Lake?

100′Kerr Lake / Max depth

Can you drink on Kerr Lake?

Remember when visting Kerr Lake- alcohol is prohibited in our recreation areas.

How much of Kerr Lake is in North Carolina?

3,376 acres
Located north of Henderson near the North Carolina-Virginia border, it includes 3,376 acres (13.66 km2) of woodlands along the shores of the 50,000-acre (202 km2) man-made Kerr Lake….

Kerr Lake State Recreation Area
Area 3,376 acres (13.66 km2)
Elevation 318 ft (97 m)
Established 1981
Named for John H. Kerr

Is Kerr Lake NC man made?

Kerr Lake is a 55,000 acre man-made reservoir lake that sits on the border of North Carolina and Virginia. It was created by daming of the Roanoke River in 1952. The lake itself includes more than 500 miles of shoreline, and the North Carolina state recreation sites cover nearly 3,400 acres.

Who owns Kerr Lake?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers operates this 50,000 acre reservoir and an additional 55,000 acres of surrounding land.

What lives in Kerr Lake?

Beavers, muskrats and a few river otters make their homes at Kerr Lake as well. Many of these creatures are secretive and not often seen by park visitors. There are several species of amphibians and reptiles in the area. Frogs, toads, turtles, lizards and snakes are all found here.

Can you swim in Kerr Lake NC?

There are many popular swimming locations along the shore at Kerr Lake. In addition, Satterwhite Point has a defined swimming area with accessible change rooms and restrooms.

Which is bigger Lake Gaston or Kerr Lake?

Kerr Reservoir or Buggs Island Lake as the local refer to it was flooded in 1951 and is 50,000 surface acres of water. Lake Gaston was flooded in 1963 and consists of 20,300 surface acres.