Who played Moriarty with Cumberbatch?

Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott (born 21 October 1976) is an Irish actor….Andrew Scott (actor)

Andrew Scott
Years active 1994–present
Awards Laurence Olivier Award (2005, 2020) BAFTA TV Award (2012) BIFA (2014) Critics’ Choice Television Award (2020)

Is Andrew Scott still married?

Andrew admitted in a newspaper interview in 2019 that the couple had split and he was now living alone. And in an episode of How To Fail around that time, the podcast of You magazine columnist Elizabeth Day, he said: ‘Sometimes having casual sex with people is what you need to do. It’s really important…

Who was Jim Moriarty?

Professor James Moriarty is a fictional character and criminal mastermind created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to be a formidable enemy for the author’s fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. He was created primarily as a device by which Doyle could kill Holmes and end the hero’s stories.

Where is Andrew Scott from?

Dublin, IrelandAndrew Scott / Place of birth

Are Andrew Scott and Benedict Cumberbatch friends?

Andrew Scott Says There’s No Rivalry With Benedict Cumberbatch Over Shared Role. Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott play nemeses on BBC’s Sherlock, as the titular Great Detective and Jim Moriarty, but in real life, it seems there isn’t any bad blood between them.

What is Moriarty’s accent?

Jim Moriarty Several people from Dublin have pointed out that Moriarty does have a Dublin accent but it is an exaggerated middle class south Dublin accent. It is locally known as the “D4 accent” after a postcode in south Dublin.

Is Phoebe Waller-Bridge religious?

Waller-Bridge describes herself as an atheist, although she says she “hopped around a bit from religion to religion” while growing up.

Is William James Moriarty a girl?

Appearance. William is a pale-skinned, lean young man with blonde, stringy hair that is medium in length with long side bangs and a prolonged side-fringe. His eyes can be described as somewhat ‘expressive’.

Is Jim Moriarty in love with Sherlock?

Anyways, no. Moriarty and Sherlock had no romantic relations. There is references of such, but it doesn’t mean much. They didn’t/don’t have that type of relationship.

Are Benedict and Martin best friends?

“Benedict and Martin aren’t mates and they don’t spend time together away from the show,” a source told The Sun in January 2017. “They’re professional and very polite to each other but there’s not the warmth you’d expect after filming together for six years. There isn’t a huge desire to come back for another season.”

Who plays Moriarty in the first Sherlock Holmes?

Theatre. In the William Gillette play, Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty was played on Broadway in the original (1899–1900) run by George Wessells (and again in 1905), then by Frank Keenan (1928), John Miltern (1929–30) and Philip Locke, Clive Revill and Alan Sues from 1974 to 1976.

Why is Moriarty Irish?

The name Moriarty is an Anglicized version of the Irish name Ó Muircheartaigh [oː ˈmˠɪɾʲɪçaɾˠt̪ˠiː] which originated in County Kerry in Ireland. Ó Muircheartaigh can be translated to mean ‘navigator’ or ‘sea worthy’, as the Irish word muir means sea (cognate to the Latin word mare for ‘sea’) and ceardach means skilled.