Who owns MiTek?

Berkshire Hathaway
MiTek Holdings, Inc.
MiTek Inc./Parent organizations

Where is MiTek made?

TOLLESON, AZ (August 24, 2020) — MiTek, a diversified global supplier of integrated software, service, engineered products and automated solutions to the building industry, announced today an expansion of its Phoenix-based manufacturing operations later this year.

What does MiTek company do?

MiTek® is a global company focused on providing integrated software, services, engineered products and automated solutions for the building industry worldwide. Innovating and expanding into aspects of global building, MiTek® empowers customers to improve the way they design, make and build.

What manufactures MiTek?

MiTek specialises in the development of software solutions for structural timber engineering and the provision of steel connector products for our floor and roofing systems.

Does Warren Buffett Own MiTek?

MiTek, a Missouri construction company owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, is launching a new modular building venture, the Wall Street Journal reported. The startup will partner with New York City-based firm Danny Forster & Architecture on the venture.

Is MiTek a public company?

Mitek Systems, Inc is a software company that specializes in digital identity verification and mobile capture using artificial intelligence algorithms. The company’s technology allows people to deposit checks via their mobile phones and open bank accounts from mobile devices….Mitek Systems.

Type Public
Website www.miteksystems.com

Is MiTek owned by Berkshire Hathaway?

We Are One Global MiTek Family Founded in 1955 and a Berkshire Hathaway company since 2001, MiTek’s track record consists of continuous growth and successful engagements for our customers over the last 60 years, on 6 continents, in 95 countries.

How many employees does MiTek have?

How many people does Mitek employ? Approximately 400 worldwide as of 9/30/2020.

Who uses MiTek?

Mitek’s customers for digital identity include fast-growing platforms like Airbnb, Instacart, and DocuSign. Mitek’s other solution, Mobile Verify, can be integrated into mobile apps, websites, and desktop applications.

How big is MiTek?

Today it’s twice as big, with revenue approaching $1.6 billion and 5,400 employees in 21 countries, including 400 in St. Louis. It has acquired 18 additional companies, built a $20 million headquarters and locked down its executive succession plan.

Who owns Benson Industries?

Berkshire Hathaway company
–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MiTek Industries (MiTek), a Berkshire Hathaway company (NYSE: BRK-A, NYSE: BRK-B), and the world’s leading supplier of advanced engineered structural connector systems, equipment, software and services for the building components industry announced today that it has acquired Benson Industries, LLC.

Is MiTek public?