Is Irapuato Mexico safe?

Crime rates in Irapuato, Mexico

Level of crime 82.41 Very High
Problem people using or dealing drugs 73.00 High
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft 80.36 Very High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery 83.04 Very High
Problem corruption and bribery 81.73 Very High

What is Irapuato Guanajuato known for?

Using irrigation waters from the upper Lerma River, Irapuato is an important agricultural and livestock-raising centre and is the state’s second largest city. It is famed for its strawberries; corn (maize), wheat, beans, and chickpeas also thrive in the cool dry climate, and cattle and pigs are raised.

How many people live in Irapuato?

The total population of Irapuato in 2020 was 592,953 inhabitants, with 51% woman, and 49% men. The age ranges that concentrated the largest population were 20 to 24 years (54,019 inhabitants), 5 to 9 years (51,469 inhabitants), and 15 to 19 years (51,194 inhabitants).

What city in Mexico has the highest crime rate?

Tijuana, which is the world’s busiest land border crossings with over 50 million people passing through it every year, is the most dangerous city in Mexico. Tijuana’s homicide rate is 138 homicides per 100,000 people with a total of 2,640 homicides in 2018.

What Mexican state is Irapuato in?

GuanajuatoIrapuato / State

When was Irapuato founded?

February 15, 1547
It lies between the Silao River and the Guanajuato River, a tributary of the Lerma River, at 1,724 m (5,656 ft) above sea level. It is located at 20°40′N 101°21′W….

Founded February 15, 1547
Founded as Congregación de San Marcos Irapuato
Founded by Vasco de Quiroga

What is the safest place in Mexico?

Seven of the safest cities in Mexico

  1. Merida. Widely acknowledged as the safest city in Mexico (and even Latin America), your biggest safety concern in Mérida will probably be the busy traffic.
  2. Playa del Carmen.
  3. Mexico City.
  4. Puerto Vallarta.
  5. San Miguel de Allende.
  6. Sayulita.
  7. Huatulco.