Who is the Dean of students at Purdue University?

Gail Walenga, Ph. D.

What is Purdue University Web address?

Purdue’s University Regulations website is now called Student Regulations and can be found at a new URL, www.purdue.edu/studentregulations. The website’s name and URL changed on Feb. 20. The old URL, www.purdue.edu/univregs, redirects to the new website.

Who is the Dean of engineering at Purdue University?

Mung Chiang
Mung Chiang is the John A. Edwardson Dean of the College of Engineering and the Roscoe H. George Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University.

What is Dean’s list at Purdue?

The Dean’s List and Semester Honors recognizes students that have achieved high scholastic standing cumulatively and/or for the semester. Students are listed in alphabetical order. Downloadable/printable certificates of your academic honors are available by selecting “View” in the Certificate column.

Who is president of Purdue?

Mitchell Elias Daniels Jr.Purdue University / President

Who is the dean of students at Indiana State University?

Dr. Andy Morgan | Indiana State University.

How do I contact Purdue?

Main University Phone

  1. Undergraduate Admissions. 765-494-1776. [email protected].
  2. Graduate Admissions. 765-494-2600.
  3. International Students & Scholars. 765-494-5770.
  4. Financial Aid. 765-494-5050.
  5. University Residences. 765-494-1000.
  6. Parking. 765-494-9497.
  7. Marketing & Media. 765-494-2034.
  8. University Website. 765-494-4600.

What is Purdue University email address?

A @purdue.edu email account is provided to all individuals who maintain an affiliation with Purdue University. Your address will remain the same, regardless of your employing department or student major information changes. All email sent to @purdue.edu email addresses is scanned for viruses and is spam scanned.

What GPA do you need to make the dean’s list at Purdue?

a 3.5 overall GPA
To be cited on the Dean’s List for any semester, one must: Have at least 12 hours included in the overall GPA. Have at least 6 hours included in the semester GPA. Attain at least a 3.5 overall GPA.

How much does the president of Purdue University make?

Purdue says Daniels has a guaranteed pay of $430,500. Having reached or exceeded 13 of 15 metrics, Daniels will receive $232,470 in at-risk funds for 2021. Purdue says Daniels’ income ranks him in the middle of the Big Ten presidents.

Who is in charge of Purdue University?

Mitch Daniels
Purdue is fortunate to have found a focused, experienced leader in Mitch Daniels. And Governor Daniels is fortunate to join a committed, hardworking team of administrators, faculty, staff, and students.