How do you unlock link skills?

Link skill is unlocked at Level 1, but you can only begin sharing your link skill upon reaching Level 70. You can’t have 2 or more of the same jobs linking 1 character. You can’t link a skill to 2 or more characters in the same world. The linked character can be changed once a day.

What level is Kanna 5th job?

Once you reach Lv. 200 and complete job advancement quests, you can begin to utilize 5th Job skills.

How does Kanna get second job advancement?

2nd Job Advancement Reach Level 30 and accept the quest above Kanna’s head.

What is hoyoung link skill?

Anima – Hoyoung Ignore a portion of your enemy’s Defense and inflict more damage against enemies that have full HP. Effects.

Is Link skill important?

With Link Skills you can access a range of benefits from increased boss damage, boosted experience gain, stats, critical damage and more. It often goes hand in hand with the equally strong Legion system as both of these rely on additional characters to obtain powerful account bonuses.

Is Kaine link skill good?

You always want 100% critical rate and if you have it, you can forget about Phantom link. Kain has a great link skill and gives you a better bonus than the Adele 4% boss damage.

Why is Kanna so popular?

Kanna is perhaps the most popular class in MapleStory and is famed for their spawn-enhancer skill Kishin Shoukan. Kanna, originally from Japanese MapleStory, has great map control with its many skills, summons and full-map attacks.

What kind of dragon is Kanna?

feathered white dragon
In her dragon form, she appears as a feathered white dragon with blue eyes. Like Tohru, she hides her tail and wings when outside. Unlike Tohru, she also hides her horns when outside. In the anime, Kanna’s hair is given an extra shade of purple at the tips.

What is Kain’s link skill?

Kain link skill is, Time to Prepare: Level 1: When you kill 8 enemies or hit a boss monster 9 times, complete 1 preparation. When you have 5 preparations, your damage is increased by 9% for 20 seconds.