Who is the current treasurer of the Conservative Party?


Name From To
Sir Mick Davis 2016 2019
Aamer Sarfraz 2019 2020
Sir Ehud Sheleg 2019 2021
Malik Karim 2021 present

Who runs Cchq?

CCHQ is presided over by the Chairman of the Conservative Party, presently Oliver Dowden with assistance from the Conservative Director of Communications.

How many members are in the Conservative Party?

Current membership

Party Total current membership Date
Labour 430,000 July 2021
Conservatives 200,000 27 March 2021
SNP 119,000 May 2021
Liberal Democrats 98,247 31 December 2020

Who is in charge of a political party?

The party leader is the most prominent politician of the party and is usually considered to become the head of government.

What does a political party chairman do?

Chairmen often play important roles in strategies to recruit and retain members, in campaign fundraising, and in internal party governance, where they may serve as a member of, or even preside over, a governing board or council.

Who sits on the government front bench?

The government frontbench is on the right hand side as seen by the Chairman (typically the Speaker of the House of Commons or the Lord Speaker), and is occupied by Government ministers. The opposition frontbench is occupied by shadow ministers, of which the most senior form the Shadow Cabinet.

What is a Whig and a Tory?

Early activists in the colonies called themselves Whigs, seeing themselves as in alliance with the political opposition in Britain, until they turned to independence and started emphasising the label Patriots. In contrast, the American Loyalists, who supported the monarchy, were consistently also referred to as Tories.

What is the difference between Conservative and Tory?

The Conservative Party, officially the Conservative and Unionist Party, and also known colloquially as the Tories, Tory Party, or simply the Conservatives, is one of two main political parties and current governing party in the United Kingdom, winning the 2019 general election with an overall majority in the House of …

What is the structure of a political party?

Structure of political parties. Political parties are often structured in similar ways across countries. They typically feature a single party leader, a group of party executives, and a community of party members.