Who is eligible for military AutoSource?

Who is Eligible? To purchase a vehicle from MAS, you need to be a member of the US military or a civilian component (DoD or government contractor). US military members must be on active duty or stationed overseas during a TDY for more than 30 days.

How long does military Auto Source take?

Payment in full at least 30 days before delivery is recommended for Stateside deliveries, and 21 days is required for overseas deliveries.

What is military Auto Source?

Military AutoSource proudly serves the Diplomatic community with the most comprehensive car buying program. Order your next new or pre-owned vehicle while on rotation overseas and take advantage of your exclusive Diplomatic car buying benefits.

What is the benefit of military Auto Source?

Military AutoSource offers special military offers and incentives, lowest price guarantee, special factory and military lender financing rates. Take delivery of your vehicle at your overseas duty station, or have it delivered stateside when you return.

Can veterans use military Auto Source?

As the only authorized car-buying program exclusively for the US military community, Military AutoSource (MAS) has been serving those stationed overseas for roughly 60 years. And now we have an option for active duty, retirees and veterans in the US too!

Is military Auto source only overseas?

Because this program is specifically designed for the U.S. military it offers many truly unique and tailored benefits including: Overseas or Stateside Delivery. Stock or Build Your Own.

Is military Auto source cheaper?

Buying your new vehicle from Military AutoSource comes with even more advantages, including better prices, more choices, and exclusive safeguards. You can take delivery of your vehicle overseas, or arrange to pick it up when you return stateside.

Can retirees use military Auto Source?

Can you use military Auto source in the US?

Yes, even overseas. We have helped hundreds of thousands of service members who are stationed, deployed or on TDY to buy their U.S. specification vehicle for delivery in the U.S., or to more than 50 overseas duty stations. It’s what we do. When we say this program is designed for you, we mean it in every way.