Who is Connor in Wolves?

Pride of Gypsies — obaara: jason momoa as connor in wolves [4/?] …

Who played Angel in Wolves?

Merritt Patterson
Cayden is attracted to Angel (Angelina) (Merritt Patterson), the beautiful young owner of the bar.

Did Jason Momoa play a werewolf?

In Wolves, a film the strapping 6’4″ Momoa repeatedly described as “fun,” he plays a werewolf hungry for humans. Wolves officially premiered in November, and is currently available on demand; the DVD comes out January 20.

Who was Lucinda in Wolves?

Lucinda Sommers
Actor Reese Witherspoon
Status Werewolf
First Appearance “Secrets and Raves” (picture cameo) “Lucinda” (physical debut)
Last Appearance “The Wolves of War”

Is there a Wolves 2 movie?

The Wolves 2 (Video 2006) – IMDb.

Where was Wolves filmed?

Shooting September 2012 in Toronto.

Is there a Wolves 2?

Was there a sequel to Wolves?

Where was the movie wolves filmed?

Where is Wolf Warrior 2 set?

The Wolf Warrior 2 continues the storyline of Wolf Warrior. However, the action takes place overseas, rather than in China, which helps develop an international perspectives. The film was shot on locations in Africa and China between June 2016 and November 2016.

How long did it take to shoot Dances With Wolves?

“Dances With Wolves” is a big film: made over five months in 27 South Dakota locations on a relatively small $19 million budget, it fills the screen with 300 horses, 3,500 buffalo, 250 Indians, 150 cavalry, 48 speaking roles. The star of the film is, however, the American frontier.

What is Sol raised wolf?

Sol is the personification of the Sun and the god worshipped in the Mithraic monotheistic religion. Followers of the Mithraic are dedicated to Sol and started the Religious War in His name.