Who are you calling a scruffy nerf herder?

Han Solo gets called a lot of things in Star Wars, but the most famous and quotable is probably in The Empire Strikes Back when Leia calls him a “stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder”.

Why you stuck up half-witted Scruffy-Looking nerf herder?

From “The Empire Strikes Back”: “Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking, Nerf-herder!” — Leia to Han after he revealed to Luke and Chewbecca she had feelings for him. “Would it help if I got out and pushed?” — Leia to Han after the Millennium Falcon stalls while trying to escape Hoth.

What’s a nerf herder in Star Wars?

A nerf herder, also spelled “nerf-herder” or “nerfherder,” was someone who herded nerfs on various planets throughout the galaxy. As it was perceived as an occupation for lower-class beings, the term “nerf herder” became an insult used throughout the galaxy.

What do you mean scruffy-looking?

messy and looking a little dirty : They live in a scruffy part of town. a small, scruffy-looking man.

What is bantha Poodoo?

Bantha Poodoo was a Low Altitude Assault Transport which was stationed in the Jedi Temple at the time Jedi Master Plo Koon watched an infiltration party depart for their mission to rescue Master Even Piell from the Separatist prison known as the Citadel.

What’s a MOOF milker?

A moof was a creature of the galaxy that had hoofed feet, a thick hide, and secreted milk. Moof milk could be used to make yogurt. There were individuals who milked moofs, which inspired the term “moof-milker,” an insult to a person’s intelligence.

What is a scruffy person?

Someone or something that is scruffy is dirty and messy. a young man, pale, scruffy and unshaven. Synonyms: shabby, untidy, ragged, rundown More Synonyms of scruffy.

Is banthas real?

Banthas are fictional creatures in the Star Wars franchise. They are large, quadrupedal mammals with long, thick fur, and are first seen in the film Star Wars (1977), where they are used as beasts of burden by Tusken Raiders on the planet Tatooine.

Is Luke Skywalker a MOOF milker?

And then there are the infamous “moofs” referenced by Han Solo in The Force Awakens when he dismissively suggests that whoever messed with the control on the Falcon is a “moof milker.” Sadly, the creature Luke Skywalker milked in The Last Jedi is not a moof, but instead called a Thala-siren, even though no one says its …

What is a Thala siren?

Ahch-To’s thala-sirens are docile marine mammals that like to sun themselves on rocks fringing the coasts of the planet’s islands. Sea sows produce a nutritious green milk, which is harvested by the native Lanai and adventurous visitors.

Does scruffy mean dirty?

Meaning of scruffy in English. untidy and looking a little dirty : They live in a scruffy part of town. dirtyThis shirt is dirty.