Which theme is best for personal blog?

25 Best WordPress Themes For Personal Blogs in 2022

  • Rosemary – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme.
  • Malina – Personal WordPress Blog Theme.
  • Hemlock – A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme.
  • TinySalt – Personal Food Blog WordPress Theme.
  • Soledad – Multi-Concept Blog/Magazine WordPress Theme.

Which WordPress theme is best for personal?

23 Best WordPress Personal Website Themes (2022)

  1. Author Pro. Author Pro is a beautiful WordPress personal website theme built specifically for book authors, publishers, and writers.
  2. Astra. Astra is a modern WordPress multipurpose theme to create any kind of website.
  3. Divi.
  4. SeedProd.
  5. Hestia Pro.
  6. Ultra.
  7. OceanWP.
  8. Malina.

What are some personal themes?

The six Life Themes that emerged have been named: Love, Personal Value, Power, Freedom, Truth and Justice.

What is the best free WordPress theme for blogging?

Best free WordPress blog themes

  1. Neve. First off, our own Neve is a lightweight starter theme for building almost any website.
  2. OceanWP. Another great theme to consider for your next blogging site is OceanWP.
  3. Astra.
  4. Cenote.
  5. Poseidon.
  6. Hemingway.
  7. Olsen Light.
  8. Lovecraft.

What is WordPress personal plan?

The Personal plan gives you 6 GB of storage and basic personalization options, such as a custom domain and the ability to remove WordPress.com ads. You can also create paid newsletters and subscriber-only content, which requires an additional plugin to set up with the self-hosted version of the platform.

How do I make my blog mobile-friendly?

Steps to Enable Mobile Theme on Blogspot (Old Interface)

  1. Blogger Dashboard › Select your blog › Click on the Template tab.
  2. There, you’ll see Live on Blog (Desktop theme) and Mobile template.
  3. Click on the Gear icon given below Mobile theme to Enable Mobile theme on Blogspot/Blogger.