Which place in Kerala is known as the village of birds?

Different varieties of birds can be found in this area. Because of this, Nooranad is known as the Pakshigraamam of Kerala, meaning “village of birds”.

Which is the most common birds in Kerala?


  • Ducks, geese, and swans.
  • Pheasants and allies.
  • Frogmouths.
  • Nightjars.
  • Treeswifts.
  • Swifts.
  • Bustards.
  • Cuckoos.

Which are the birds found in Kerala?


Fulvous Whistling Duck Dendrocygna bicolor
Laughing Dove Streptopelia senegalensis
Orange-breasted Green Pigeon Treron bicinctus
Pompadour Green Pigeon Treron pompadora

Which region of Kerala is rich in migratory birds?

Kumarakom (Vembanad Bird Sanctuary) Located at Kumarakom in Kottayam, the sanctuary is spread over 14 acres on the southern bank of Kavanar river. It is a favourite haunt of migratory birds.

Which is the first bird village in Kerala?

Uthaman spotted great egret and intermediate egret in Nooranad for the first time in Kerala. The sightings and a report on the survey were published in a journal of the Bombay Natural History Society and Nooranad came to be known as bird village,” says C. Rahim, journalist and conservationist.

Which one is known as Kerala’s official fish?

Elephant is the state animal of Kerala, while ‘great hornbill’ the bird and ‘kanikkonna’ the official flower. The state had recently declared pearl spot, popularly known as ‘karimeen’, as its official fish.

Which are the migratory birds in Kerala?

The migratory species arriving include godwits, terns, ospreys, golden plovers, pratincoles, several species of ducks and waders like sandpipers and plovers. The counting of the birds will be conducted by the Asian Wetland Bird Survey with support from the ICBN under supervisions of the Bombay Natural History Society.

Is there falcon in Kerala?

Kollam: The world’s fastest bird has been reportedly spotted at Polachira, a favourite destination for migratory birds in Chathannoor area of this southern Kerala district. Peregrine falcon, one among the world’s most common birds of prey, can dive at a speed of 389 kmph, the fastest movement by any animal of any sort.

Which is the biggest bird sanctuary in Kerala?

Periyar National Park, Thekkady The largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala, Periyar National Park is one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world.

Which is the migratory bird of Kerala?

Garganeys are highly migratory in nature. They move southwards during July for wintering and return homeland in February. Garganeys prefer flight during night and they feed and take rest during the day. Europe and western Asia are home to Garganeys.

What is Karimeen called in English?

Other common names include pearlspot cichlid, banded pearlspot, and striped chromide. In Kerala, it is known locally as the karimeen (കരിമീൻ)….

Green chromide
Genus: Etroplus
Species: E. suratensis
Binomial name
Etroplus suratensis (Bloch, 1790)

Why is Karimeen so famous?

It has strong bones on its fins for protection. Pearl spots eat the water weeds and other aquatic plants, besides swallowing larvae and baby pawns. However, many scientists claim that an aquatic plant called spirogyra is its favourite food.