How do I place objects anywhere in Sims 3?

By default, objects snap to the grid while trying to place objects. Press and hold Alt . Holding the Alt key while moving object allows you to freely move an object anywhere without being restricted to the grid. This works with everything except doors and windows.

How do I make my Sims better in building?

The Sims 4: 12 Tips For Building Spectacular Houses

  1. 12 Use Platforms (And Half Walls)
  2. 11 Try Different Shapes.
  3. 10 Hide Mistakes With Plants.
  4. 9 Use Object Placement Cheats Generously.
  5. 8 Work On The Garden.
  6. 7 Create A Porch.
  7. 6 Pick A Color Scheme.
  8. 5 Don’t Just Use One Building.

How many floors can a house have in Sims 3?

How far up and down can we go? The maximum height we can build our Sim house is 5 floors above ground and 4 levels of basement. It is worth noting though, that foundations and friezes also count as floors, so the number of floors you can build will be reduced by the addition of these.

How do you shift click on Sims 3?

Shift-Click Cheats Hold Shift as you click on various items to unveil a list of options. For example: Shift-click a Sim to trigger age transition or modify traits. Shift-click a non-household Sim to add them to your household.

What should I build in The Sims?

Building your Sims a house to live out their days in is half the fun of the game, depending on who you ask….The Sims 4 house ideas

  • The realistic family house.
  • The beach house.
  • River cabin.
  • Classic mansion.
  • Modern mansion.
  • Mountain cabin.
  • Tiny treehouse.

Can you build a basement in Sims 3?

Basements can be built underneath some buildings in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 by using the foundation tool, or by using the dedicated basement tool in patched versions of The Sims 3 and The Sims 4.

How do you place an elevator in Sims 3?

Elevators need to be placed on flooring or on empty terrain, and the doors need to be placed over a wall. Like The Sims 2, elevator doors can face any direction, provided that they are all on the same shaft.