Which composer was known for writing in the Empfindsam style?

Bach was an influential composer working at a time of transition between his father’s Baroque style and the Classical style that followed it. His personal approach, an expressive and often turbulent one known as empfindsamer Stil or ‘sensitive style’, applied the principles of rhetoric and drama to musical structures.

What composers were German sensitive style?

The most significant representatives of the empfindsamer Stil were Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Johann Joachim Quantz, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Johann Abraham Peter Schulz, and Jiří Antonín Benda.

Where did the Galant style come from?

The galant style was an 18th-century movement in music, visual arts and literature. In Germany a closely related style was called the empfindsamer Stil (sensitive style). Another close relative is rococo style.

Who used Galant style?

The term Style galant, also called Rococo, refers to a homophonic, light-hearted and ornamental musical style of the 18th century, especially in France and Italy. This style was later adopted in Germany.

Who influenced CPE Bach?

5. Godson to Telemann. The composer who most influenced C.P.E. Bach’s style was his father.

What is CPE Bach known for?

Although he was admired by his contemporaries primarily as an outstanding harpsichordist, organist, and expert on organ building, Bach is now generally regarded as one of the greatest composers of all time and is celebrated as the creator of the Brandenburg Concertos, The Well-Tempered Clavier, the Mass in B Minor, and …

Which statements describe German sensitive style?

The German sensitive style was more concerned with the expression of sentiment than with elaborate embellishment of a melodic line. The Rococo represents a reaction against the solemnity, emotionalism, and heaviness of the Baroque. The best known composer of the German sensitive style was J.S. Bach.

Which composer is associated with the Rococo style of music?

Rococo Composers In France Style Galant was championed by Jean Philippe Rameau, Louis-Claude Daquin and François Couperin while in Italy the music of composer Giovanni Battista Sammartini was rococo personified.

When did the Galant style originate?

In music, galant refers to the style which was fashionable from the 1720s to the 1770s. This movement featured a return to simplicity and immediacy of appeal after the complexity of the late Baroque era.

Did CPE Bach play the flute?

Born in Weimar, Germany, in 1714, C.P.E. Bach was the second surviving son of Johann Sebastian and Maria Barbara Bach. He went with the family in 1717 to Cothen and in 1723 to Leipzig, where by 1731 he had already composed his first flute music: five trio sonatas for flute, violin, and basso continuo (W.

Who did CPE Bach influence?

Only three of his children lived to adulthood and none became musicians. In 1768 Bach succeeded Telemann as director of music at Hamburg. He began to turn more of his energies to choral music in his new position. His compositions went on to influence the music of, among others, Mozart, Beethoven and Mendelssohn.