Where is the OBD2 port for a Subaru Legacy?

The On-Board Diagnostic port (known as OBD2 or OBD-II) in Subaru vehicles is located under the dashboard on the driver’s side. You will need to look deep under the dashboard (above the brake pedal) for the 16 pin connector shown below.

Where do I plug in my Subaru code reader?

OBD connector location for Subaru Outback (2009 – 2014)

  • The OBD II socket is located at the bottom left of the steering wheel.
  • The OBD connector is visible above the footrest.
  • Here is the OBD socket.

Where is the OBD2 port on a 2017 Subaru Outback?

Look under dash from driver’s door. It is easy to see and reach.

Does OBD2 work on Subaru?

This is a highly advanced OBD2 engine scanner and diagnostic tool for Nissan, Infinity, and Subaru vehicles. It’s pretty functional, yet does not cost all that much. The iCarsoft i903 is a fairly simple-to-use scanner and diagnostics tools. Simply plug it into your vehicle and this item is ready to go.

What scan tool does Subaru use?

SUBARU DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM Subaru Diagnostic Scan Tool referred to as the Subaru Select Monitor III (SSMIII), along with related hardware and software; provides the functionality required to troubleshoot computerized systems on 1996 model and later Subaru vehicles.

Does FORScan work on Subaru?

FORScan was never intended for the Subaru market. Depending on your model year, FreeSSM was an interesting project. It worked rather well on older K-Line vehicles. CAN diagnosis is completely different.

What is difference between OBD and OBD2?

OBD2 refers to the second generation of the onboard diagnostic system. OBD or onboard diagnostics is the system in a car that controls and monitors all the important control devices, offering data access with the appropriate hardware and software.

How do I use FreeSSM?


  1. Insert the CD.
  2. Install the included drivers and FreeSSM.
  3. Open FreeSSM and in the Preferences, select the correct COM Port (Can be found within Windows Device Manger, under ‘Ports’)
  4. Plug in the OBD Cable, turn the ignition to ON. Click ‘Test Diagnostic Interface’ to confirm operation.