What type of valve is a deluge valve?

A deluge valve is a type of system actuation valve that is opened by a detection system that is installed in the same areas as the spray nozzles or by remote manual operation supplying water to all spray nozzles.

How many types of deluge valves are there?

Depending on number of priming chambers two types of deluge valves are found. Single chamber deluge valves are the traditional diaphragm type valves with an inlet chamber connected to the deluge valve supply side and an outlet chamber connected to the fire suppression system side.

What is deluge valve used for?

A deluge fire protection system has unpressurized dry piping and open sprinkler heads. The system is directly connected to a water supply and when the system is activated, a deluge valve will release the water to all the open sprinkler heads. The valve is opened when activated by a heat or smoke detection system.

How do you activate a deluge valve?

How is a Deluge System activated? The sprinkler heads on a Deluge system are fused together and operate as one when activated. The valve is opened when activated by heat or smoke detection systems. Once activated, the water is released into the piping and out of the sprinkler heads.

What is trim in deluge valve?

The basic trim or type is required on deluge valve regardless of the release system. It contain those components which are required in all types of installation, such as the main drain valve, priming connection, drip check valve, emergency release valve and pressure gauges.

Is code for deluge valve?

HS Code used for Deluge valve – Export

Hs Code Description
8481 Taps, Cocks, Valves And Similar Appliances For Pipes, Boiler Shells, Tanks, Vats Or The Like, Including Pressure-Reduci
84818030 Industrial valves (excluding pressure-reducing valves, and thermostatically controlled valves)
84818090 Other
84819090 Other

How do you use a deluge valve manually?

Under FIRE conditions, water pressure is released from the control chamber, by opening the local manual release or, when fitted, by opening the hydraulic remote Manual Release [7]. This opens the deluge valve allowing water to flow into the system piping and to the fire extinguishing devices.

Why deluge system is required?

Deluge systems are used in places that are considered high hazard areas such as power plants, aircraft hangars and chemical storage or processing facilities. Deluge systems are needed where high velocity suppression is necessary to prevent fire spread.

What is deluge testing?

Deluge testing is a costly business. Wet testing causes corrosion and/or salt crusting and growth of organisms in flow pipes and nozzles. Spray of sea water over the entire production facility is a hazard for the expensive processing equipment. The excess of waste water will flood the sump tanks.

How does a dry pipe valve work?

Dry pipe sprinkler systems are filled with pressurized air or nitrogen instead of water to prevent frozen and burst sprinkler pipes in areas with colder temperatures. The pressurized air in the sprinkler pipes prevents water from entering the pipes.

What activates a deluge system?