What is vertical hollow shaft motors?

WorldWide Electric Premium Efficient Vertical Hollow Shaft (WPEVHS) motors are designed for use in turbine pump applications, including irrigation, energy generation, mining, municipal water, and chemical applications.

Can electric motors be mounted vertically?

Motor Mounting Vertical motors are directly connected to the equipment they drive. Because these are designed to take high loading in the axial direction, but little in the radial direction, they are exclusively mounted in a vertical position on their flanged base.

What is a VCR pump?

Introduction. Seoca VHS vertical hollow-shaft motors are three phase squirrel cage induction motors. specially for driving vertical deep-well turbine pumps. The motors are of high efficiency, high starting torque, quiet-running, low vibration, low.

What is a hollow motor?

Hollow bore motors are a special class of electric motor that have hollow shafts and are also known as hollow shaft and/or through shaft motors.

Why is a hollow shaft better than a solid shaft?

the stiffness of hollow shaft is less than that of solid shaft. the strength of hollow shaft is more than that of solid shaft. the natural frequency of hollow shaft is less than that of solid shaft.

What is vertical centrifugal pump?

Vertical centrifugal pumps are also referred to as cantilever pumps. They utilize a unique shaft and bearing support configuration that allows the volute to hang in the sump while the bearings are outside the sump. This style of pump uses no stuffing box to seal the shaft but instead utilizes a “throttle bushing”.

What is vertical engine?

Definition of vertical engine : an engine in which the piston moves vertically up and down and the crankshaft is usually below the cylinder.

What is B3 mounting of motor?

Electrical Motor Mounting Positions Chart

B3 Horizontal Foot Mounted on Floor See Example B5 Horizontal Flange Mounted See Example
B7 Wall Mounted with Feet Right Hand Side when Viewed from Drive End B8 Foot Mounted on Ceiling

What is vertical pump?

A vertical turbine pump is a sub-category of centrifugal pumps. These pumps are specifically designed to pump water from deep reservoirs and underground borewells. They are also known as shaft turbopumps, sump pumps, or deep good turbopumps.

What is frameless motor?

A frameless motor consists of a stator assembly and rotor assembly with permanent magnets. Hall effects may be offered as an option to provide feedback if an encoder is not selected for the application. The frameless motor does not include shaft, bearings, or end bells.

How does a pancake motor work?

Pancake motors operate on the Lorentz force, which is perpendicular to both the magnetic field and the current. This force produces torque that causes the motor to rotate.

Which shaft is more efficient?

Hollow shafts are much better to take torsional loads compared to solid shafts. As shown in the figure, shear stress in a “shaft subjected to torsion” varies linearly from zero at the center to the maximum at the boundary.