What is the rhyme of the Willow Pattern?

Two birds flying high, A Chinese vessel, sailing by. A bridge with three men, sometimes four, A willow tree, hanging o’er.

What is the original Willow Pattern?

The Willow Pattern was a blue and white transfer-printed composite design which brought together Buddhist imagery, pagodas, landscapes, birds and trees from Chinese porcelain. The pattern is said to be woven around a romantic story of star-crossed lovers eloping together.

Is Willow Pattern China valuable?

Experts agree that English Willow is usually a better investment than Japanese or American, because it’s older and of higher quality. Anything between 1780 and 1820 is rare; plates can sell for $100 to $200 apiece, while more unusual pieces can go for up to $5,000, says Berndt.

Where did the Willow Pattern come from?

1. Blue Willow china originated in England. Even though the Blue Willow pattern has a Chinese look and story (more on that later), it was actually created in England in 1780 by engraver Thomas Minton. Then, Minton sold the design to potter Thomas Turner who mass-produced the pattern on earthenware.

What is the blue china pattern called?

Blue Willow (A.K.A. “Willow Blue”) is one of the most popular lines of fine china out there, and has been in production since the 1700s.

What is blue and white china pattern called?

“Blue and white pottery” (Chinese: 青花; pinyin: qīng-huā; lit. ‘Blue flowers/patterns’) covers a wide range of white pottery and porcelain decorated under the glaze with a blue pigment, generally cobalt oxide.

What Colour is Willow Pattern?

Its classic components are a weeping willow, pagoda-like structures, three men on a quaint bridge, and a pair of swallows, and the usual colour scheme is blue on white, though there are variants.

Is Willow pattern Chinese or Japanese?

The Willow Pattern Story The design is thought to have been inspired by a Japanese fairy tale called The Green Willow and Chinese variants of it which tells of two thwarted lovers. Then, in 1849, an article called ‘The Story of the Common Willow Pattern Plate’ was published in The Family Friend magazine.

How can you tell how old a Blue Willow is?

Look for Clues About the Date Early Blue Willow pieces have a softer glaze and a lighter overall feel. Older pieces may have some signs of crazing or light cracking on the surface of the glaze. Some marked pieces offer clues because the mark was only used for a certain period of time at that pottery.

What is the story of the willow tree?

The ancient Chinese believed that willow branches would ward off evil spirits and they were often carried or placed over doorways to keep those spirits away. It is said that the first weeping willow grew in Babylon where the Children of Israel were taken into slavery.

What is the story of the Blue Willow pattern?

In the Blue Willow legend, a the beautiful daughter of a powerful man fell in love with her father’s secretary. Discovering their love, the father banished the secretary and constructed a great fence to keep his daughter contained. She could only walk by the water and the willows.