What is the primary cause of cultural eutrophication?

Cultural eutrophication occurs when human water pollution speeds up the aging process by introducing sewage, detergents, fertilizers, and other nutrient sources into the ecosystem.

What are the economic effects of water pollution?

Deteriorating water quality is stalling economic growth, worsening health conditions, reducing food production, and exacerbating poverty in many countries.” said World Bank Group President David Malpass.

What is the main cause of water pollution in developing countries?

Water quality is affected by both point and non-point sources of pollution. These include sewage discharge, discharge from industries, run-off from agricultural fields and urban run-off. Water quality is also affected by floods and droughts and can also arise from lack of awareness and education among users.

How does water pollution affect sustainable development?

The degradation of natural resources such as land, soil and water due to water pollution could reduce the viability of agricultural activities, on which many poor people depend throughout the continent.

How does industrial pollution affect the economy?

Air pollution negatively impacts the U.S. economy, costing the U.S. roughly 5 percent of its yearly gross domestic product (GDP) in damages ($790 billion in 2014). The highest costs come from early deaths, attributable to exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2. 5).

What is probably the best way for industry to reduce water waste?

What is probably the BEST way for industry to reduce water waste? … One of the BEST ways to conserve the amount of water used by agriculture is through: trickle irrigation.

What does water pollution cause?

run-off from agricultural land containing substances including pest control products, animal medicines, slurry, sewage sludge and manure. run-off and leaching from contaminated land. silt and dust from mining, quarrying, construction and demolition. groundwater drainage discharging from disused mines.

What are the effects of water pollution on the environment?

Water pollution causes degradation of aquatic life in systems. Water pollution causes an algal bloom in a lake or marine environment, the proliferation of newly introduced nutrients stimulates plant and algae growth, which in turn reduces oxygen levels in the water.