What is the new US Army handgun?

The M17 or Modular Handgun System is the Army’s newest handgun currently being fielded to Soldiers. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Samantha Stoffregen, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Public Affairs). It looks like the U.S. military has struck gold with the M17 Sig Sauer service pistol.

What is replacing the M9?

Out with the old, and in with the new – that is happening at the Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan, where U.S. sailors and Japanese security personnel are now being issued with the new Sig Sauer M18 pistols, which have replaced the Beretta M9 handguns that had been used for nearly four decades.

Which gun won the military contract?

Sig Sauer
The U.S. Army has chosen New Hampshire-based company Sig Sauer as the winner of a $4.5 billion contract to manufacture the branch’s Next Generation Squad Weapon system after 27 months of prototype development and evaluation work.

What is the standard issue rifle for the US Army?

M4 Carbine
The M4/M4A1 5.56mm Carbine is a lightweight, gas operated, air cooled, magazine fed, selective rate, shoulder fired weapon with a collapsible stock. It is now the standard issue firearm for most units in the U.S. military.

Why did Beretta lose military contract?

In the mid-2010s the Army started up a competition for a new handgun. Although Beretta had a newly redesigned M9A3 waiting in the wings the Army declined to evaluate it, citing a history of reliability and design problems with the original M9.

Which rifle will replace the M4?

XM5 rifle
The Army announced April 20, 2022, that it will procure the new XM5 rifle, which will eventually replace the M4 carbine, through a contract signed with Sig Sauer, a firearms manufacturer.

What caliber is new Army rifle?

Both of the new Sig guns are chambered in 6.8x51mm, a departure from the NATO-standard 5.56x45mm cartridge fired by the M4 and the larger, more powerful 7.62x51mm round fired by the service’s new Squad Designated Marksman Rifle and other weapons.

Is the military switching to 6.5 Creedmoor?

In April 2020 the United States Department of Defense decided to replace the Mk13 . 300 Winchester Magnum sniper rifle with a 20 inches (510 mm) barrel semi-automatic AR-10 platform chambered in 6.5mm Creedmoor and ammunition for engagements from 0 to 1,200 yards (0 to 1,097 m).

Has the Army selected a new rifle?

The Army recently awarded a contract to manufacturer SIG Sauer for two new soldier weapons: the XM5 rifle and the XM250 automatic rifle. For soldiers involved in close-quarters combat, the XM5 will eventually replace the M4/M4A1 carbine rifle, while the XM250 will replace the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon.