What is the fastest Sea-Doo 2022?

The fastest stock Sea-Doos in 2022 are the RXP-300 and RXT-X 300, and the GTX series. As these are the fastest Sea-Doos on the market, they all arrive with the same 1630cc supercharged engine, which produces 230-300 HP, depending on the model. You can expect 67 mph top speed on these models.

What is the most powerful Sea-Doo model?

The Most Powerful Engine on a Sea-Doo, Ever. The Rotax® 1630 ACE™ – 300 is the most powerful Rotax® engine ever, delivering high efficiency and the best-in-class acceleration with a supercharged thrill factor.

How fast does a Sea-Doo RXP go?

How fast does a Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 go? While the official (limited) top speed of the 2021 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 is around 67-69 mph, based on real-life tests it can hit an amazing 73.8 mph without the speed limiter! The reduced weight also means a better power-to-weight ratio, which results in better acceleration.

How fast is a 300 HP jet ski?

Its revolutionary platform, combined with the Ergolock System, maximizes control in any condition, setting a sky-high bar for rough water performance. With the 300-hp engine, 60 mph (96 km/h) is just a few seconds away.

Whats faster Rxp or RXT?

Unlike the hull of the RXP-X, the ST3 hull of the RXT-X is longer and features sharp chines, which ensure stellar stability at slower speeds. On the other hand, the ski is less responsive at higher speeds.

How fast is the 300 hp Sea-Doo?

When it comes to the engine, it’s a 4-stroke, 3-cylinder, supercharged Rotax 1630 ACE producing thrilling 300HP. With this power plant, the RXT-X 300 can hit (limited) 67 mph and it can take the rider from 0-30 mph in 1.5 seconds, and 0-60 mph in around 3.6 seconds.

How fast is a Sea-Doo GTX 300?

2022 Sea-Doo GTX Limited 300

Model year 2022
Horsepower 300
Top Speed (mph) 67