What is the Cv of a globe valve?

Cv is the volume of water in U.S. gallons per minute that passes through the valve at a pressure drop of 1 PSI at 68°F.

What is rated Cv of control valve?

The number of gallons per minute is the number of gallons per second. A valve with a Cv of 10 will flow 10 GPM with a 1 psi pressure drop. The formula is used to select the valve with the specified differential pressure.

What is the Cv value for the pipe?

Cv Flow Coefficients: A Cv flow coefficient specifies the amount of water at 60°F (15.55 °C) in US gpm that will flow through a valve and produce a 1.0 psi pressure drop. Thus a Cv flow coefficient of 10 indicates that a 1.0 psi pressure drop will occur with a 10 US gpm of water throughput through the valve.

Does higher Cv mean more flow?

The valve flow coefficient (Cv) is a number which represents a valve’s ability to pass flow. The bigger the Cv, the more flow a valve can pass with a given pressure drop.

How do you calculate valve Cv?

The equation for calculating the valve flow coefficient is Cv = Q √ (SQ/P).

How do you calculate Cv value?

Example calculation

  1. CV = standard deviation / sample mean x 100 =
  2. CV = volatility / projected return x 100 =
  3. CV = (0.05) / (0.13) x 100 = 0.38 x 100 = 38%

How do you calculate Cv?

The standard formula for calculating the coefficient of variation is as follows: Coefficient of Variation (CV) = (Standard Deviation/Mean) × 100.

What is a good Cv value?

In general, a coefficient of variation between 20–30 is acceptable, while a COV greater than 30 is unacceptable.

What is Cv maximum?

Example of Valve Flow Coefficient (Cv) As the stem opens, the CV increases. The maximum Cv for the 2-inch valve is 47; the maximum for the 3-inch valve is 117. We recommend you select a valve for which the Cv falls between 20% and 80% open stem travel.

Is higher or lower Cv better?

In most fields, lower values for the coefficient of variation are considered better because it means there is less variability around the mean.

How do you calculate valve CV?

What is a good CV value?