What is the best wood at Malaysia?

Resak is the most familiar timber hardwood species in Malaysia. It is one of the best timber wood preferred by most of the construction companies. Many countries import resak wood from Malaysia because of its quality and standard rate.

What kind of wood is used for furniture in Malaysia?

Most furniture in Malaysia is made from rubberwood. It has a pale cream colour and a moderately coarse texture with straight to shallowly interlocked grain. Rubberwood is easy to work with, planes easily for smooth finishes, and with a consistent supply, no wonder it’s the most popular wood for furniture!

Is Malaysian wood good quality?

Malaysian white oak, with tough texture, clear outline, slim texture, strong three-dimensional effect and good stability. It is a relatively high-grade wood in furniture.

What is the strongest wood in Malaysia?

In Malaysia belian (Eusideraoxylon zwageri) is the hardest wood found in the forest and has been used since time immemorial.

What is Malaysian wood?

Malaysian Hardwood is a tropical hardwood. It also goes by the common names of rubberwood, plantation hardwood or Malaysian Oak. The timber is a light blonde colour with a relatively straight, dense grain. Originally native to Brazil, it is now mostly grown in extensive rubberwood plantations throughout Southeast Asia.

What is Malaysian timber?

Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) is a federal statutory body responsible for the development of the timber industry of the country.

Is Malaysian teak good?

In Malaysia, Teak has been identified as suitable timber species for commercial production. It is moderately hard, easily worked and durable. The natural appearance of the Malaysian Teak wood lends itself to simple & also to complex designs which subtly blend in with the surrounding architecture & interiors.

How many timber species are there in Malaysia?

CITES-LISTED TIMBER SPECIES: 66 species (all Appendix II): Aquilaria beccariana, A. hirta, A. malaccensis, A.

What is meranti wood?

Meranti wood is a hardwood from the tropical Shorea tree species. There are five groups of meranti timber, distinguished based on the color of the heartwood: dark red meranti, light red meranti, white meranti, yellow meranti, and balau.