Can Labradors be grey?

Many people think that there are only three types of Labrador Retriever: black, yellow and chocolate. However, more color variations do exist. A Silver Labrador has a silver-grey-blue colored coat. The American Kennel Club recognizes them as pedigree, but they are listed as Chocolate Labs (more on this later).

Are grey Labs rare?

Are silver Labs rare? As a relatively new color variation silver Labs are rare in some countries. Partly because registration of silver puppies is not widely permitted. Some national kennel clubs and breed clubs have clarified their views on silver Labradors.

How much is a grey Labrador?

Summary: Facts & Figures – Silver Lab Stats

Fact Traditional Labrador Silver Labrador
Color: Chocolate, Yellow, Black Silver
Price: $500-$1000 $800-$1500
Trainability: Easy to Train Easy to Train
Temperament: Intelligent, Loyal, Outgoing, Good with Children Intelligent, Loyal, Outgoing, Good with Children

What is a grey Labrador?

Silver Labs are beautiful slate grey Labrador Retrievers. Whilst they are very rare they still have the same friendly and happy personality of regular Labs. A genetic quirk and controversial breeding history make this breed different from the three typical Lab colors (Black, Brown and Yellow).

What color Labs make a silver Lab?

Silver Labrador Retrievers can be bred from two Silver Lab parents, just one, or no silver parents. As long as both parents are carriers of the double recessive dilute gene, their puppies have a chance of being silver.

Can you get a silver Labrador?

However, when it comes to controversial coat colours, there’s nothing to beat the so-called grey or silver Labrador. This isn’t a new colour variety, but one that first appeared in pure-bred Labradors in the USA 60 years ago.

How do you get a grey Labrador?

How are grey Labs made?

Silver Labrador Retrievers are still a purebred dog, they come from two purebred Labrador Retriever parents. The American Kennel Club recently made the decision to allow Silver Lab owners to register their puppies as purebred.