What is the average cost of snowmobile insurance in Ontario?

HOW MUCH DOES SNOWMOBILE INSURANCE COST? According to a 2019 OFSC economic impact report, Ontario snowmobilers spent $10,723 on average for a new or used sled and $565 on their snowmobile insurance.

Do you need insurance on a snowmobile in Ontario?

Insurance for motorcycles and snowmobiles is mandatory in Ontario, except in certain situations. To drive a motorcycle, you must have a valid motorcycle licence. For motorcycles, insurance is not required while the vehicle is driven on private property.

What is the fine for no insurance on a snowmobile in Ontario?

Schedule 64 – Last Updated: August 1, 2010

Item Offence Set Fine
19. Owner – permit operation of motorized snow vehicle – no insurance $200.00
20. Fail to produce evidence of insurance $85.00
21. Produce false evidence of insurance N.S.F.
22. Fail to report – name(s) and address(es) of persons involved $85.00

Is a snowmobile considered to be an automobile for insurance purposes in Ontario?

The use and operation of snowmobiles in Ontario are governed by the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act discussed above. By registering your snowmobile under the Insurance Act as directed in the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act, it can then be considered a motor vehicle in Ontario.

Can I insure a snowmobile I dont own?

Can I insure snowmobiles if I don’t own one? If you’re the registered owner of a vehicle, then you’re the one who’s financially responsible for it. You can’t insure a vehicle you don’t own. However, you can list someone else as the principal operator if you do own it.

What kind of insurance do I need for a snowmobile?

liability insurance
Snowmobile Coverage Anyone who operates a snowmobile on public land in Alberta is legally required to carry liability insurance.

Is it legal to drive a snowmobile on the road in Ontario?

However, you must be 16 years of age or older and have a driver’s licence or a motorized snow-vehicle operator’s licence (not both) to drive a snowmobile along or across a public road where snowmobiles are allowed.

What is the fine for no snowmobile trail permit in Ontario?

Any sled on OFSC trails for recreational purposes without a permit on Family Day Weekend is illegal and can incur a fine of up to $1,000.

Do you need insurance to register a snowmobile in Alberta?

Yes, in Alberta you are required by law to have a valid class 5 driver’s license, snowmobile registration and insurance. Every snowmobile state and province requires that your snowmobile be properly licensed or registered.