What is speaker specification?

This specification in a speaker tells how low and high a speaker can play. It is mentioned as “XHz-XkHz” – where X is a number. Let’s take a hypothetical figure: 65Hz-20kHz. The number at the lower end i.e.,”65Hz” here represents the bass output which means how low a speaker can play.

How many watts is the JBL subwoofer?

JBL BassPro 12 delivers 150 Watts of powered noise-free deep bass thanks to JBL’s patented Slipstream port technology.

What is speaker QTS?

Qts is the total Q of the speaker and is derived from an equation where Qes is multiplied by Qms. The result is divided by the sum of the same. This value can be used as a general guideline in selecting the optimal enclosure type. A Qts of 0.4 or below indicates a speaker well-suited to a vented enclosure.

Is JBL a subwoofer?

Whether it’s a woofer cone made from polypropylene, for maximum efficiency, or the rugged “spider” for maximum control even at the highest volume. JBL woofers outperform anything you may have heard before, this lead to speakers with an incredible high endurance and reliability.

How do I check speaker specs?

Use a ruler or a tape measure to take your measurements in inches for the speaker. Set your speaker upright so the widest part of the cone is face-up. Take your measurement at the widest point of the speaker from one edge of the mounting frame to the other. Write down the measurement so you don’t forget it later on.

How do you pair a JBL GT with BassPro12?

Connect the GT-BassPro12’s “+12V” terminal directly to the battery’s “+” (positive) terminal. Install a fuse holder with a 20A fuse within 18” (46cm) of the battery’s “+” terminal. Route all power wires through grommets in the vehicle’s firewall. If factory grommets are not available, install grommets yourself.

What is Q value in audio?

Q – (Also called “Q Factor”) – Stands for “Quality Factor,” defining the bandwidth of frequencies that will be affected by an equalizer. The lower the Q, the broader the bandwidth curve of frequencies that will be boosted or cut.

What does FS mean on a speaker?

Fs. This parameter is the free-air resonant frequency of a speaker. Simply stated, it is the point at which the weight of the moving parts of the speaker becomes balanced with the force of the speaker suspension when in motion.

How can you tell the wattage of a speaker?

Multiply the number of volts by the number of amps to determine how many watts the speaker uses. If the speaker operates at 110 VAC, at 2 amps, the speaker’s wattage is 220 watts.