What is intermittent law?

An intermittent sentence is a jail sentence that the offender serves in ”chunks” of time, instead of all at once. For example, if an offender gets an intermittent sentence, they may go jail on the weekends, (i.e., Friday night until Monday morning) but be out of jail during the week.

What is the indeterminate sentence law?

indeterminate sentence, in law, term of imprisonment with no definite duration within a prescribed maximum. Eligibility for parole is determined by the parole authority.

What are some examples of intermittent?

The definition of intermittent is something that starts and stops or happens irregularly. An example of intermittent is occasional thunder during a rainstorm. (specifically, geology, of a body of water) Existing only for certain seasons; that is, being dry for part of the year.

How do you use intermittent in a sentence?

Intermittent sentence example. Shortly afterwards he fell ill of an intermittent fever, but seemed to recover. Their intermittent character prompted the supposition.

What are the five categories of sentencing?

Punishment has five recognized purposes: deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation, retribution, and restitution.

What is the difference between determinate and indeterminate sentencing?

Some states use determinate sentencing, which means the judge sentences the offender to a specific time period, but most states use indeterminate sentencing, which is when the offender’s sentence is identified as a range, rather than a specific time period. An example is one to five years.

Who are disqualified for indeterminate sentence law?

The disqualified offenders are: Sentenced to serve a maximum term of imprisonment of more than 6 years. 2. Convicted of any crime against the national security (treason, espionage, piracy, etc.) or the public order (rebellion, sedition, direct assault, resistance, etc.).

What are some examples of intermediate sanctions?

Intermediate sanctions, such as intensive supervision probation, financial penalties, house arrest, intermittent confinement, shock probation and incarceration, community service, electronic monitoring, and treatment are beginning to fill the gap between probation and prison.

What is intermittent use?

The adjective intermittent modifies things that work or stop and start at periodic intervals. An interesting use of something intermittent is a metronome, a device that marks off time in music by making a sound in a regular pattern.