What is famous about Nathula Pass?

Since it is one of the three open trading border posts between India and China, Nathu La Pass has played a key role in the Sino-Indian Trade. It has also shortened the distance between the important Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage sites, thus strengthening the economy and improving border relations with China.

Is there snowfall in Nathula Pass?

There are good chances that you can get snow at Nathula between November to mid-April. However, the two months November and March are great time to see Nathula covered in snow when the weather is enjoyable and not too harsh. The route usually remains open on these two winter months.

Where is the Nathula Pass located?


Nathu La
Elevation 4,310 m (14,140 ft)
Location India (Sikkim) – China (Tibet)
Range Dongkya Range, Himalaya
Coordinates 27°23′13″N 88°49′51″E

Why was Nathula pass closed?

The Sikkim government on Thursday announced that it was closing the Nathu La (pass) trade route with China and the Kailash-Mansarovar Yatra through the pass this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

When can we see snow in Nathula pass?

You can usually see snow from December onwards to May. In fact, it snowed about 15 days ago at Nathula.

Is photography allowed in Nathula Pass?

Nathula Pass being an Indo-China border area, photography is strictly not allowed. over a year ago. You will be asked to leave your cameras’ in the car when you reach Nathula pass. So, no photography is not allowed there.

How can I get pass for Nathula Pass?

A permit can be obtained by applying to the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department. You can apply through a registered travel agency. A photo ID proof and two passport size photographs are required for the same. The Nathula Pass permit cost is INR 200/- per person.

Which is best time to visit Sikkim?

As suggested by Sikkim Tourism, the best time to visit Sikkim is either between March and May or October and mid-December. If you want to witness the blooming natural beauty in Gangtok best season to visit would be in spring, from March to May.

What is the meaning of Nathula?

Nathu La is a mountain pass in the Himalayas. It connects the Indian state of Sikkim with China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. The pass, at 4,310 m above mean sea level, forms a part of an offshoot of the ancient Silk Road. Nathu means “listening ears” and La means “pass” in Tibetan.