What is a good serif font for body text?

A widely used serif font for both body text and display type, Palatino was designed by Hermann Zapf. Part of its widespread use may stem from its inclusion—along with Helvetica and Times—with macOS. Palatino is an old-style serif font.

What typeface should be used for body text?

Consider Serif Fonts for Text Fonts In the United States at least, serif faces are the norm for most books and newspapers, making them familiar and comfortable for body text. Choose a font that blends in and doesn’t distract the reader with oddly shaped letters, or extremes in x-height, descenders, or ascenders.

Is serif or sans serif better for body text?

Historically, because serif fonts have more detail, they tend to work better in larger sizes (and in Print). San-serif fonts work well with more diminutive web copy (or on the Web in general). At small sizes, san-serif works better for body text and regular copy, while serif is appropriate for paragraph headers.

Why are sans serif fonts used for body text?

Sans-Serif have slightly increased readability compared to Serifs. Which is why Sans-Serif is a great typeface for the body of text. Don’t combine a Serif with a Serif and a Sans-Serif with a Sans-Serif because it can look a little bland and undifferentiated. Too many fonts in one design is not a good thing.

Is Helvetica good for body text?

In the image below you can see that at small sizes, some of the letter combinations of Helvetica become disastrous both in terms of legibility and readability. Clearly, Helvetica is not a great typeface for body text. In fact, with its closed aperture (closed letterforms), it’s quite a horrendous choice for body text.

What is the most readable serif font?

Serif Fonts

  • Garamond. This graceful font was developed in France in the 16th century and has a classical feel.
  • Georgia. This elegant yet sturdy font was designed in 1993 and is also the best font for small print.
  • Palantino.
  • Caslon.
  • Minion Pro.
  • Merriweather.

What is the best size for body copy?

between 12 and 14 pixels
Common choices for body copy are Georgia, Arial, Verdana and Lucida Grande. The most popular font size for headings is a range between 18 and 29 pixels. The most popular font size for body copy is a range between 12 and 14 pixels.

Why are serifs the best?

Serifs are better for printing, while no font is better for the web, since the resolution is lower on the web. While Arial is the best example of a sans serif font, Times New Roman is the best example of a serif font.

When would you use a serif typeface?

Serif fonts are usually used in lengthy text, such as books, newspapers and most magazines and are the most commonly used printed typestyle due to perceived readability. After all, when you strive to create something beautiful and remarkable to look at, the main goal is to have your message clear and readable!