What is a good score on DELF B2?

For the DELF B2 examination, each portion of the test has 25 possible points, and you must get at least 5 points on a section to pass it. However, to pass the overall test, you must get at least 50 points (the overall combined possible score comes to 100).

What is the average DELF B2 score?

The average overall DELF score was 69.94/100 (70%). The students scored highest on the written comprehension component, followed by oral production, then written production, and finally by oral comprehension. Within each DELF level, the overall mean scores were 79% for Level A2, 72% for Level B1, and 62% for Level B2.

Is it hard to pass DELF B2?

DELF B2 is not hard but if you want to succeed you have to use the right structure, and grammar point at the right moment. This exam is very straight and demanding. Actually, it’s good because you have to get better if you want to take it. That’s something everyone can achieve with a bit of work.

How long should I study for DELF B2?

Allow for at least 1,5 hours a day for preparation but keep in mind that this is a bare minimum. I studied for 2-3 hours every day. The reason you have to study so much is that there is very little correlation between your actual ability to use French in life and what is tested on French language tests.

How long does it take to learn B2 French?

Level Can be reached through hours of study Total of study hours
A1 80 to 100 h 80 to 100 h
A2 + 100 to 120 h 180 to 200 h
B1 + 150 to 180 h 350 to 400 h
B2 + 200 to 250 h 600 to 650 h

What can I do with DELF B2?

what kind of jobs can I get if I complete B2 level of French n having given the DELF 2 exams

  • Professor: You can start teaching French in school within the domestic boundaries.
  • Language Trainer: B2 is the intermediate level, which means that you are now able to comprehend native fluency and are able to respond them.

Is DELF B2 fluent?

At level B2, the candidate has a degree of fluency and spontaneity in regular interactions and is capable of correcting his/her own mistakes.

Is DELF B2 multiple choice?

You’ll listen to two different French recordings: A short one (2-3 minutes, played once), typically an interview or piece of news, along with a multiple-choice questionnaire.

Is B2 French Good?

B2 – Fluent speaker (independant speaker) You are at ease to communicate in a spontaneous way. You can work in French and there will be not hiccups in your communication with French people. You can express yourself in a clear and detailed way on a wide range of topics.