What grade level reading is The Little Prince?

Reading to Kids Books: The Little Prince. Grade Level: 4th (GLCs: Click here for grade level guidelines.) Synopsis: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry first published The Little Prince in 1943, only a year before his Lockheed P-38 vanished over the Mediterranean during a reconnaissance mission.

Are there different versions of The Little Prince?

Today it is made out of 6281 distinct editions in 505 different languages and dialects. The transcripts, of which there are 27, are not taken into account.

What is the moral of the story Le Petit Prince?

The Little Prince teaches that the responsibility demanded by relationships with others leads to a greater understanding and appreciation of one’s responsibilities to the world in general. The story of the prince and his rose is a parable (a story that teaches a lesson) about the nature of real love.

What age is The Little Prince book for?

Technically, this book is suitable for children as young as 6 years old but I doubt that most would completely understand it at that age. One of my professors once told me that this book should be read 3 times in one’s life: as a child, as a young adult and as an older adult.

Is The Little Prince middle grade?

Its reading level is about grade five, so it’s not an easy book, but by no means is the vocabulary challenging. However, some readers, in fact I would venture to say ALL readers will have trouble fully understanding the narrative.

How long does it take to read The Little Prince?

The average reader, reading at a speed of 300 WPM, would take 1 hour and 11 minutes to read The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Which edition of The Little Prince is the best?

What’s the best translation of The Little Prince?

  • 1943 – Katherine Woods.
  • 1995 – Alan Wakeman.
  • 1995 – Irene Testot-Ferry.
  • 1995 – T. V. F. Cuffe.
  • 2000 – Richard Howard.
  • 2010 – Ros & Chloe Schwartz.
  • 2011 – David Wilkinson.
  • 2018 – Joseph Laredo.

Which translation of The Little Prince is best?

The original English translation of The Little Prince by Katherine Woods was the most widely read translation while in print from 1943 to 2001. Although copies of the Woods translation can still be purchased, it has since been “replaced” by what is a controversially “more modern” translation by Richard Howard.

What lesson did the rose teach the Little Prince?

Because of the rose, the prince learns that what is most essential is invisible, that time away from one’s beloved causes a person to better appreciate that love, and that love engenders responsibility—all of which are broad morals that obviously extend beyond the author’s personal history.

Is The Little Prince a middle grade book?

Why kids should read The Little Prince?

“The Little Prince” is a timeless tale because it touches upon childhood, imagination and the inevitability of growing up. The pilot in this story loses touch with that part of himself. It takes a plane-crash, a stay in the desert and some time with the little prince to find it again.