What does the phrase in the heat of the moment means?

angry or excited
If you say or do something in the heat of the moment, you say or do it without thinking because you are very angry or excited: He didn’t mean it – he said it in the heat of the moment. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Anger and displeasure.

How do you use heat of the moment in a sentence?

They are helpful in the light of some of the comments made, perhaps in the heat of the moment, during the past few weeks. I spoke in the heat of the moment. It had been said in the heat of the moment at an excited meeting with about 4,000 people present.

What does in the heat of mean?

In the most intense or active stage of some activity or condition. For example, One never knows how soldiers will behave in the heat of battle, or In the heat of the moment she accepted his proposal, or In the heat of the negotiations he forgot to call his wife. [ Late 1500s]

When in the heat of the moment is best to?

You use the expression ‘In the Heat of the Moment’ to indicate that you’ve said or done something without thinking because you were feeling angry or excited. Example of use: “I’m afraid I was very rude; I was caught up in the heat of the moment.”

What does it mean when you do something in the moment?

occurring or done without advance preparation or deliberation; extemporaneous; unplanned: a spur-of-the-moment decision. GOOSES. GEESES. I WANT THIS QUIZ ON PLURAL NOUNS!

What is a word for in the moment?

adverbin the immediate future. in a minute. in a moment. presently. promptly.

How do you use keep at bay in a sentence?

to control something and prevent it from causing you problems: She fought to keep her unhappiness at bay.

What does the expression in your face mean?

Definition of in-your-face : characterized by or expressive of bold and often defiant aggressiveness in-your-face basketball also : aggressively intrusive in-your-face advertising.

How do you use in the moment?

At the moment I’m rather busy. (Means I’m busy right now.) I live in the moment. (I take advantage of each minute of my life and enjoy it to its fullest.)

Can I say in this moment?

Senior Member. , but otherwise “at this moment” is generally OK, as in “at this moment, I can’t think of the answer” or “at this precise moment…”. However, there are some cases where you could say “in this moment”.

What does the phrase in a moment mean?

Definition of in a moment : in a short time : soon I’ll explain that in a moment.

Is it correct to say at the moment?

“At the moment” means right now. For example, “He’s asleep at the moment”. “In the moment” means with a special focus on the present time. For example, “living in the moment” means paying special attention to what you’re doing at that particular time, as opposed to looking back on the past or planning for the future.