What does S mean in Club 7?

S Club 7 were presented to the world by impresario Simon Fuller – looking to repeat his success with the Spice Girls – as a fully formed pop package: four girls, three boys, singing, dancing, acting. (The “S” is rumoured to stand for “Simon”.)

What was S Club 7 about?

Hollywood 7 began airing in September 2001 and dealt with the issue of an on-screen kiss between Spearritt and Cattermole, who had begun dating in real life. Their relationship, which was kept secret for six months, was well received by the band who claimed it had made them all closer as friends.

How old is Paul Cattermole?

45 years (March 7, 1977)Paul Cattermole / Age

Are Hannah and Paul from S Club together?

Hannah and Paul split up in 2006 and got back together for a few months in 2015 before calling it time on their relationship for good. In 2017, she hit out at her former love for discussing their romance as she took to Twitter to write: ‘Cringe.

Is Rachel Stevens married?

Alex BourneRachel Stevens / Spouse (m. 2009)

What happened to Paul Cattermole?

In November, Paul launched a career as a YouTube tarot card reader, 23 years after shooting to fame with the pop group – asking fans to give him a donation. Paul created a YouTube channel called Tarot Me This, where he gives regular readings, which he describes as: ‘Tarot readings for everyone!

Are S Club 7 Millionaires?

But according to Hannah Spearritt, who you may remember as a member of S Club 7, the UK group that redefined the meaning of ‘cheese’ in the late ’90s, she and her fellow S Club members didn’t exactly become multi-millionaires, but they managed to do alright for themselves.

Who is Hannah spearritt partner?

Adam Thomas
In December 2020, Spearritt announced the birth of her second child, a girl, both with her boyfriend Adam Thomas.

Who is Rachel Stephens married to?

What nationality is Rachel Stevens?

EnglishRachel Stevens / Nationality