What does it mean to instill in someone?

to put a feeling, idea, or principle gradually into someone’s mind, so that it has a strong influence on the way that person thinks or behaves: It is part of a teacher’s job to instill confidence in/into his or her students.

How do you use instilling in a sentence?

Instilling sentence example She is acting confidently and thereby instilling confidence in the class. But it used to mean instilling terror and it still can given a subtle change of context. You are instilling a sense of security when you do this, but you are also teaching her the art of communication.

Can you say instilled in me a?

instill something in (to) someone to impress something into someone’s mind. You need to remember your manners. I want to instill that into you. Good manners were instilled in me at home.

Is it instill or install?

The word instill comes from the Latin word instillare which means to drop, to trickle. Install means 1.) to position equipment so that it is ready to use 2.) to place someone in an office or position, usually with a degree of ceremony 3.) to settle in a place.

Is instill a negative word?

2) instill, which might be the more common. The former has a somewhat negative connotation, the latter, more positive. For instance: The father instilled in his sons a sense of quality and precision work worthy of his craftsmanship.

What is an example of instill?

The definition of instill is to gradually and persistently introduce an idea or principle to a person. When parents teach their children good morals and values, this is an example of instill.

Was instilled in a sentence?

Instilled sentence example. A small volume of sterile water is instilled and then aspirated into a syringe. At a very early age, and throughout his whole life, he manifested profound religious feeling, perhaps instilled into him in the course of his education under some of the strictest Mahommedan doctors.

How do you use premonition in a sentence?

Premonition sentence example

  1. He must have had a premonition , because the truck broke down on her way home the following week.
  2. The premonition was wrong.
  3. He had been gone over a week now, but the premonition persisted.

What is mean by install?

Definition of install transitive verb. 1 : to set up for use or service had an exhaust fan installed in the kitchen install software. 2a : to induct into an office, rank, or order installed the new president. b : to place in an office or dignity by seating in a stall or official seat.