What does it mean by off-putting?

Definition of off-putting : that puts one off : repellent, disconcerting an off-putting attitude.

What is off-putting behavior?

provoking uneasiness, dislike, annoyance, or repugnance; disturbing or disagreeable.

Is it off-putting or off-putting?

If you describe a quality or feature of something as off-putting, you mean that it makes you dislike that thing or not want to get involved with it. However, many customers found the smell of this product distinctly off-putting.

How do you use off-putting in a sentence?

tending to repel.

  1. His manner is very off-putting.
  2. I find it very off-putting when people don’t look me in the eye.
  3. His rough manners were rather off-putting.
  4. The noise was rather off-putting.
  5. I find his manner very off-putting.
  6. I find it very off-putting to have someone watching me all the time.

What is the opposite of off-putting?

Opposite of to postpone or assign to a later time or date. accomplish. achieve. continue. do.

Can a person be off-putting?

The definition of off-putting is a person, thing or situation that repels or is annoying. An example of off-putting is a negative comment about a person’s race. Tending to disconcert or repel. Was rankled by the off-putting remarks.

What unsavory means?

insipid, tasteless
Definition of unsavory 1 : insipid, tasteless. 2a : unpleasant to taste or smell. b : disagreeable, distasteful an unsavory assignment especially : morally offensive unsavory business practices.

What is another word for off put?

To be put off by something; to be disconcerted, repelled.

Is it Unsavoury or unsavory?

Call something unsavory if it’s unappetizing, tasteless, or morally offensive. Curdled sour milk is pretty unsavory, as are the dirty details of the latest political scandal. The adjective unsavory was formed by merging un, meaning “not,” with savory, meaning “pleasant, agreeable.” So if it’s unsavory, it’s unpleasant.

What does VECH mean?

[ vech ] SHOW IPA. / vɛtʃ / PHONETIC RESPELLING. 📓 High School Level. noun. any of several mostly climbing plants belonging to the genus Vicia, of the legume family, having pinnate leaves ending in tendrils and bearing pealike flowers, especially V.

What is an unsavory person?

If you describe a person, place, or thing as unsavoury, you mean that you find them unpleasant or morally unacceptable.

What does the term kvetching mean?

to complain habitually
: to complain habitually : gripe. kvetch. noun. Definition of kvetch (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : a habitual complainer.