What does IBM Datacap do?

Datacap scans, classifies, recognizes, validates, verifies, and exports data and document images quickly, accurately and cost effectively. IBM® Datacap acquires documents, extracts useful information from them, and feeds them into other business processes downstream.

Which two functionalities are provided by datacap?

Datacap functional overview

  • Acquisition of documents from several sources.
  • Processing of documents to extract useful information.
  • Delivery of content and data to back-end systems.

What is datacap architecture?

Planning your system architecture Datacap provides a flexible and scalable architecture for distributing tasks across machines according to the anticipated processing load.

What is datacap Navigator?

Datacap Navigator is a web client for Datacap based on IBM® Content Navigator. You set up the Datacap Navigator client by loading a plug-in and configuring repositories and desktops in IBM Content Navigator. To set up Datacap Navigator, you first install the client as a plug-in to IBM Content Navigator.

What is the latest version of datacap?

IBM Datacap Version 9.1. 9 has the following new features, functions, and enhancements.

What is IBM Cloud Pak for automation?

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation helps to automate business operations with an integrated platform of automation capabilities. The platform relies on Kubernetes, which is open source application container orchestration software that makes it easier to configure, deploy, and manage containerized applications.

What is IBM Business Automation workflow?

IBM® Business Automation Workflow is a platform to create workflow applications to improve productivity. Workflow applications coordinate work between tasks performed by humans and automated tasks to improve daily business operations.

What component of datacap performs most CPU intensive document processes?

server function, since the Rulerunner component is the most CPU intensive component.

How do I create a custom action in datacap?

Creating a project by using the Datacap Custom Action Library template

  1. Start Visual Studio, right-click Start and select Run as administrator.
  2. Click File > New > Project and select Visual C#.
  3. Select Datacap and then select the Datacap Custom Action Library template.
  4. Enter the project name and location and click OK.

What is an advantage of cloud Pak for automation?

Cloud Pak for Automation includes certified container images that can be deployed together to automate processes, protect your business, and extract critical information from your business data.

What is IBM BPM?

IBM® BPM is a comprehensive business process management platform. It provides a robust set of tools to author, test, and deploy business processes, as well as full visibility and insight to managing those business processes.

What is the difference between IBM BPM and IBM Baw?

Business Automation Workflow (BAW) is simply the next version of the product called BPM. It got a new name because it is also the next version of the product called IBM Case Manager since the two previously separate products have been combined into a single product called Business Automation Workflow (BAW).