What does cha fan mean motherboard?

The ones labeled CHA_FAN1, CHA_FAN2 are intended to be used with chassis fans at the top, front, bottom and/or back of your case. Since most power supplies come with sufficient fans built in, you don’t need to connect these fans to a power supply, however you can use them as additional chassis fan connectors.

Is Cha fan the same as system fan?

CHA FAN stands for chassis fan and is used for powering additional fans in your system through either 4-pin or 3-pin connectors. Chassis is another word for your “PC Case”, and the CHA_FAN header, therefore, is mostly used to power and control your PC Case’s additional fans.

Is Cha fan same as PWM?

PWM is referring to the cpu fan. PWM automatically changes the fan speed based on how hot the cpu is. I’d guess CHA_FAN is for “chassis”, which would be a case fan.

What is CHA_FAN?

What Is CHA_Fan. this refers to the fan plug/socket on your motherboard and it’s to plug a Chassis/case fan if you like.

Can I plug SYS fan to CPU fan?

Yes, you most certainly can. You can split the single CPU Fan Header using a Y splitter as shown above for connecting your CPU cooling fan and your case fan to the CPU FAN Header. This is not an ideal configuration to have, but can be used in case if your seriously lack cooling and sufficient System Headers.

Can I use AIO pump header for fan?

Can you plug an AIO pump into a fan header? Yes. It will work perfectly fine.

What does Cpu_opt stand for?

CPU Optional
CPU_OPT, standing for “CPU Optional”, is mostly used when you have more than one fan on your cooler/radiator and you need someplace to plug it in. It’s basically CPU_FAN without the “not booting if nothing is connected to it” part.

What’s the difference between CPU fan and system fan?

Basically, the fundamental difference between the System and the CPU fans is that the former is used for PC case/chassis ventilation where as the latter is used for the CPU cooling. Knowing the difference between the two is essential for installing ventilation for your desktop PC correctly.

Can any fan be a CPU fan?

yes, as long as it has the same mounting holes.