What does Bigfoot mean on Mercury motors?

By Carl Mathie. A Bigfoot outboard is an outboard engine designed for larger private watercraft such as houseboats or pontoons, made by Mercury Marine. “Bigfoot” is a trademark registered by Mercury and refers to a specially designed gear case.

What is the difference between Mercury Bigfoot?

Whereas the standard-ratio Mercury FourStroke 60 has a 1.83:1 gear ratio, which is fine for lighter tinnies to 4.5m, the Big Foot model has a 2.33:1 ratio and can handle tinnies to 5.5m.

What year did Mercury go EFI?

Mercury delivered the first recreational electronic fuel injection in 1987 in its V-6 220 XRi. EFI also ushered in the first electronic-control modules — essentially a computer brain — to outboards.

How much does a 60 hp Mercury outboard weight?

247 lbs
Specifications – 60 EFI

HP / kW 60 / 45
Gearcase ratio 1.83:1 or 2.33:1 (CT model)
Dry weight *Lightest model available 247 lbs / 112 kg
CARB star rating 3
Bore and stroke 2.56 x 2.95″ / 65 x 75 mm

How much is a 60 horse Mercury?

$8,999.00. In Stock – Brand New 60 Hp Mercury 4-Stroke Command Thrust outboard motor. Includes Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) plus Power Tilt & Trim. Command Thrust Lower Unit is geared for greater thrust.

What does EFI stand for Mercury?

Fuel system. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

What is EFI on Mercury outboard?

For all those rookie boaters scratching your head confused by the terminology, EFI, also known as Electronic or Enhanced Fuel Injection, is a relatively new marine engine technology that has made the boating experience a lot safer, cheaper, and smoother.

How much does a 60 HP Mercury 2 stroke outboard weight?

Mercury 60 HP Twostroke

Propshaft Rated Horsepower 60hp (44.8kw)
Trim Positions Power trim standard
Fuel Tank Optoinal
Weight 99.5kg
Shaft Length 20″ (L)

Does a 60 hp Mercury outboard have an alternator?

Yes. Almost all outboards that have electric start and that were built in the last 20 years, will have either an alternator or a stater that charges the battery when the engine is running.